2017 CRF250X Build - Racer X Online


The CRF250X is reliable and trusted as a great entry level machine. For this build we customized it for a shorter female rider while getting the power up. The stock 250X is really corked down, but the potential is there.

For the bikes with more time on them in need of a bit of a rebuild, Cylinder Works/Hot Cams made this bike as fast and strong as an R model with a few mods. Since we were doing a piston anyway we went with the Cylinder Works BB kit that just gives a bit more power and does not require any case modifications. The Air-box was cut open and pink wire cut for added revs on top.

We also removed backfire screen and here is the video link to show how easy that is to do. With the Air-box and carb all modified we were able to install our full Yoshimura exhaust.

We utilized the Applied Smog elimination kit and also had the odometer removed and R model front axle installed in place. 


CRF250X with opened up airbox and exhaust installed.45 Pilot42 Leak170 MainNeedle  (R needle) in #2 Honda #16203-MEN-671

Two turns out on Fuel Screw  

Cylinder Works

www.cylinder-works.com1mm Big bore Cylinder Kit 256cc

Includes Forged Vertex Piston and Top-End gasket kit 

Hot Cams

Stage two cam


www.supersproxusa.comFront SprocketRear Gold Stealth Sprocket

Gold Enduro O-Ring Chain

All Balls

Carb Rebuild kiy


Full Exhaust system 

Factory Connection

Suspension rebuild and service. Bike was lowered 1/2 both ends for the shorter rider.


www.imsproducts.comCore Footpegs

Larger Tank 3.2 gallon  

DeCal Works

www.decalmx.comSemi-Custom Graphics kit

Pre printed number plates backgrounds

UFO Plastic

Full plastic kit  

Works Connection

www.worksconnection.comFactory II  StandFront & Rear brake capRotating bar clamp front brakeSteering stem nutRadiator Guards Chain Blocks

Full Clutch Perch  

Dunlop Tire                        

www.dunlopmotorcycle.comAT81 front  90/100-21

AT81 rear 110/100-18 

Uni Filter

Two-Stage Air Filter

TM Designs                                          

www.tmdesignworks.comRear Chain GuideRear Disc & Caliper guards

Skid Plate 

Hinson Clutch Components

Full Clutch pack and outer cover

Moto Seat     

Custom Cool seat cover and cutting of the seat foam for shorter rider.

Motion Pro

www.motionpro.comTitan Throttle Tube

Grip Glue


www.renthal.com604 Fat Bars

Dual Compound Grips


www.tuskoffroad.comComplete Wheel setOversized Rotor/Adaptor BracketRotor rearHand guards with blinkers built in

Dual Sport kit 

Pro Moto Billet

Kick-It Kick stand. Shortened for the shorter bike.

  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0001
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0001 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0025
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0025 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0005
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0005 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0004
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0004 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0020
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0020 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0013
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0013 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0014
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0014 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0021
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0021 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0010
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0010 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0022
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0022 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0012
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0012 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0006
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0006 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0017
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0017 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0019
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0019 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0016
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0016 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0024
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0024 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0018
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0018 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0007
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0007 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0011
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0011 Simon Cudby
  • 2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0027
    2017HondaCRF250X-Cudby-0027 Simon Cudby

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