2004 Suzuki RM125 Build


We believe 125s and low cost two-strokes are good for our sport, and with a bit of a revival going on with the 125 Dream Races and efforts in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, we know these bikes are still capable of great racing when raced against other 125s. For this latest build, Jay Clark found a blown-up 2004 RM125 that needed some love. 

The cylinder was taken off because of damage, and the air boot/carb were both so full of dirt and mud you could plant a garden. So, with a cylinder shipped off to Millennium for a full repair and the Vertex Piston, he was set to do the rest of the work: powder-coat the frame, rebuild all important bearings and seals, and rebuild the entire bottom end with the Wrench Rabbit kit. All-Balls kit was used on the carb with a new Fuel Star Petcock to help ensure good fuel flow.  

Jay figures that for under $1,000, you can repair the engine and cylinder if you do the work yourself. Then for another $1,500, get your frame, wheels, and suspension all gone over. For under $3,000 on top of the $400 investment of the blown-up bike, we have a beautiful machine. Jay didn’t build this to go race against former pros chasing their glory days; there was no big bore and no porting done. This is meant for a beginner to novice rider to get into riding and do so cheaply.

This project shows you can fix up your dead 125 laying in the barn.   

The Wrench Rabbit kit has all you need to do it right; Vertex Piston, Hot Rods Crank and bearings along with the gaskets to do the job completely.    

Other highlights

Re-worked Wheels by Faster USA 
Powder Coated Frame from San Diego Powder Coating  

Wrench Rabbit                                    

Full rebuild in one box (four stroke kits include cam chain)

Hot Rods 

Complete Bottom end kit  Includes complete crankshaft, main bearing seal kit and complete engine gasket kit. Also includes transmission bearings.   

Vertex Pistons 

Pro Replica Piston kit  (ring, pin and clips)   

Millennium Tech                

Strip, re-pair damage and re-plate to stock size

FMF Racing                             

www.fmfracing.com                Fatty exhaust                   

Shorty Silencer