2004 Honda CR250 Build - Racer X Online


VP Racing Fuel’s Kyle Moose found this 2004 CR250 in decent shape. It was taken down to the frame by Terry Varner and rebuilt from the ground up. Terry explained that he worked on improving the bottom and mid-range with his engine modifications and he let the FMF exhaust help the bike to rev into the stratosphere. The combination of the two made for a potent motor package.

Varner matched the Moto Tassinari V-Force reed to the intake manifold as well as the case matching for more overall power and they were able to use the stock Mikuni carburetor jetted for the stock bore. The jetting we ended up with was a 45 pilot, 420 Main, standard needle clip in the third position. We also used the two stage at Uni filter. The entire engine kit totaled $1,450. This package makes 49-50 hp on C12 and near 52hp on MRXO2.

Plenty of power for fun or racing. The 13/49 gearing is good for most MX riders. The bike was incredible to ride felt like a brand new race machine.

Check out the video to see the entire test.

VP Fuel                                 

C-12 Fuel

Varner Motorsports            

Cylinder, Head and V-Force mod 

Vertex Pistons                 

Pro Replica Piston kit  (ring, pin and clips)   


www.supersproxusa.com        Aluminum Rear Sprocket Front Sprocket 

Race Chain