Q&A: Ask Jason Weigandt Anything (About Being Cheap)


The holiday season is here, and that means heavy spending sessions—Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the yet-unnamed void that will include lots of last-minute extra gifts at ridiculous prices. 

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for our Jason Weigandt, it comes with mixed feelings. See, Weege is the cheapest person we know. On the road, he will eschew hotel rooms to pull all-nighters at the airport, he can sniff out a free meal like Toucan Sam, and he makes sure to pay for all personal expenses with a two-percent cash back credit card before paying the entire bill before the end of the month to avoid interest.  

Christmas time represents the cross roads for Weigandt, who knows there are great deals and free gifts to be had, but also higher charges on that two-percent cash back card due to the inevitable gift-giving. Perhaps he can find some solace by using his lessons in purchasing (and avoiding purchasing) to help guide you. 

So it's time for another Racer X Q&A, but we're asking for non-moto questions this time. Want to save money? Ask Weege. He can provide advice on all money-saving topics, from shopping to utility bills, food, investments, and more. 

Ask away in the comment section below and Weege will answer them next week.