Privateer Lorenzo Locurcio Talks 2018 Southwick - Motocross


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 A lot of privateers had good days at Southwick on Saturday, but none better than Lorenzo Locurcio, who went 7-7 for seventh overall in the 450 Class. The Venezuela native spent his rookie year with CycleTrader.com/Rock River Yamaha last year, but had to launch his own privateer Honda effort for 2018. He’s now riding with help from the TiLube racing team.

Steve Matthes spoke with him after a career day.

Racer X: 7-7 today. I didn’t see the overall, but let’s go seventh overall or something. Great work. I remember in 250s, you had some good results here, too. So sand is something you like?
Lorenzo Locurcio: Yeah, for sure. Southwick especially has a special place in my heart. Last year, my rookie year, I did 12-12 in the 250 Class, and now to go 7-7 here in the 450 Class, it’s kind of surreal. The track was probably the toughest it ever will be. I was surviving there, but I’m glad I got it done.

Locurcio took a career-best seventh-place finish over the weekend.
Locurcio took a career-best seventh-place finish over the weekend. Rich Shepherd

Good starts? 
First moto, no. First one, I had to come through the pack. Second one, yes. I got a really good start second moto.

So what is it about sand? Where you’re from? You grew up riding it a lot?
Funny [thing] is, no. Actually, the other way around. Where I grew up, it’s really hard pack, no water, no tilling, no anything. So I don’t know. I’ve just really been practicing down in Florida. I’ve been jelling good with sand. I don’t know. It just comes natural to me.

You mentioned it earlier—the heat, the humidity, the track. The end of that second moto, it didn’t look like much fun.
No, not at all. The heat was unreal. Under my helmet, it was so hot. I told myself I didn’t want to quit. I had my best result yet. I knew it was only 30 minutes, so I survived.

Overall, you’ve been pretty happy. You had a bad race a couple races ago, I think, but overall it’s been a good 450 national series for you. We’ve been noticing on some of our shows—we’re like, wow, this guy is riding really well.
Yeah, for sure. Thunder Valley was really good. I got tenth first moto and the second moto I fell and got 14th. So that was good. Then at High Point, I tweaked my knee and I wasn’t really good. I kind of just rode around. Then last weekend, it was just unfortunate. I got two DNFs and I was running 11th and 12th. That was that. The speed has been there. The fitness has been there. Just luck hasn’t been there, but finally put it together and I’m happy to do it for my family. They’ve been sacrificing a lot and I’ve been putting all my racing money—the little I got—into it. So it’s nice to finally pay off.

Maybe you’re just a better 450 guy than 250 guy, or the equipment doesn’t matter as much?
I think that’s the second option. I really enjoy riding the 250 better. I feel like I manhandle it better. I’m a bigger guy, so I can manhandle it better. Don’t take me wrong, I love the 450. It’s easier to be competitive in the 450 Class, so I think that I run what I get. What I have is what I have, so I’m happy with what I have.