On This Day in Moto: June 2


One year before there was an official FIM 125cc Motocross World Championship, Gaston Rahier was hired by Suzuki to race the 250 class. The diminutive Belgian ended up winning three 250cc GPs that season, including the one in Germany on June 2 over Kawasaki's Thorlief Hansen and Russian KTM rider Gennady Moiseev. 

In Denmark, Heikki Mikkola of Finland got the 500cc Grand Prix victory, splitting moto wins with three-time 500cc Motocross World Champion Roger DeCoster. But DeCoster DNF'd the second moto, giving Mikkola the clear path to the overall win.


Kawasaki's Jeff Ward grabbed all the roses at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to win the AMA Supercross there. Yamaha's Broc Glover scored second, followed by a string of Honda riders: Johnny O'Mara, David Bailey, and Team Tamm's Alan King.

We couldn't find the 1984 Rose Bowl SX, but here is the '83 version:

Anyone remember the Noguchi Yamaha's that super-fast Tennessee rider Gene McKay and Arkansas' Ricky Jordan rode?

Hondas led the way in the 250 class at Road Atlanta as Gary Jones topped his teammate Marty Tripes for the overall win, and Gary's brother Dewayne finished fourth. The only rider to break up the Honda lock on the podium was Arkansas Yamaha rider Ricky Jordan. 

Yamaha's Pierre Karsmakers won the 500 class over CZ-mounted John DeSoto and Yamaha-mounted Jimmy Ellis. The race marked Ellis' first pro race. 

Here's footage from the FIM 500cc Grand Prix of Slovakia, held on this day.

And here's the FIM 250cc Grand Prix of West Germany, won by Suzuki's Gaston Rahier.