Kyle Demelo Becomes First Person To Land A Front Flip On A Snow Bike - Racer X Exhaust


Canadian Kyle Demelo recently completed a world’s first, becoming the first athlete in history to front flip on a snow bike. The feat was performed at Demelo’s Camp H training compound in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

“It was actually a friend of mine that challenged to the idea of this front flip,” said Demelo in a Monster Energy press release. “So I put the work in and figured it all out.”

Demelo first attempted the trick at X Games Aspen 2019 but crashed after under-rotating on his first attempt. With his bike too badly damaged for a second attempt, Demelo borrowed Monster Energy teammate Brett Turcotte’s bike, but landed too far on his rear tracks and lost control of the landing.

Undeterred, he returned to his compound to try the trick again. Demelo set up a super kicker into a foam pit landing to safely practice his front-flip rotation. After landing the move consistently into the foam pit a few times, Demelo stuck the full rotation and rode away clean, making it the first time a landing of this trick has been documented outside a foam pit.

“We just did it! First front flip on a snow bike. This is sick!” said Demelo upon landing the trick, before launching into a spontaneous victory celebration with his pet goat, Gouda, who has over 1,600 Instagram followers under @goudathegoat.

Check out the full video from Monster Energy: 

Main image: Monster Energy