KTM Terminates Its Agreement With Broc Tickle


Following the news that Broc Tickle’s Sample B allegedly confirmed the results of his Sample A in a World Anti-Doping Agency test conducted at San Diego Supercross in February, KTM has made the “painful” decision to terminate its agreement with Tickle effective immediately.

“We’ve had a good relationship with Broc over the last six months and he was a great guy to work with,” said Roger DeCoster. “However, KTM’s strong company policy gives no room for any other solution but to terminate the contract. We wish Broc the best in the future.”

When news first broke of Tickle’s provisional suspension, DMXS Radio’s David Izer spoke with DeCoster about what would happen if the B sample came back positive.

You said KTM has some very strict policies, so obviously this is very important to them. What is the word from Austria? What is the corporation saying? Obviously, that’s just a rider that works for them, but I’m sure this has gone across the pond, too.
Yeah. They basically told me to be in support of Broc as long as there is doubt and that it was an accident, as long as there’s no real 100 percent proof. They want to make sure that there was no mistake in the testing. They want to the test a B sample. But I think if the B sample comes out the same, I’m going to be told that it’s over.

You guys will cut ties if and when the B sample tests positive?
I think soon [after that], unless there’s still an appeal possible from him. As long as it’s not 100 percent confirmed, we will stand behind him. But once it is confirmed, we can’t.

You can read the full interview here .