Ken Roczen Partners With Clinique For Men - Racer X Exhaust


Earlier this year, Honda HRC’s landed a deal with Kobe Bryant’s “Art of Sport,” a new line body care products for athletes that includes deodorant and soap.

Today, Roczen posted on Instagram that he’s partnered with Clinique For Men on the launch of their new Super Energizer skincare collection.

This is another huge outside endorsement for Roczen. At this time, we're not sure what capacity Ken will serve with the brand.

You can watch his ad below:

Look folks, race results are cool and all but Ken was an early-adopter of the power of Instagram, pushing his account hard before a lot of riders had even opened one. He kept pushing it, too, and although some feel the gruesome photos of his arm surgeries in 2017 were perhaps too graphic, it no doubt drew some eyeballs. His account now boasts 1.2 million followers and this is what makes these brands interested in his endorsement. 

It's a whole new world out there and Ken is starting to reap the benefits.