Justin Bogle Released To Begin Riding


Autotrader/Yoshimura Suzuki’s Justin Bogle has been cleared to begin riding for the first time since sustaining a broken humerus and small fracture in his L2 vertebrae in San Diego.

According to the team, Bogle “will start out at the GOAT Farm turn track. Once comfortable, he will step up to the motocross track.”

In the announcement, the team said they don’t have an exact timetable on his return to racing, but should have more details soon. We’ve heard that Bogle will not be ready for the early portion of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, which begins in three weeks.

Bogle has been out of action since San Diego when he was landed on by Ben LaMay. Bogle was unable to hit the first triple and rolled over the landing. LaMay was able to hit the triple and landed on Bogle, hitting the side of his helmet.

Bogle underwent surgery on February 12 and has been sidelined since. He has raced just two rounds of supercross in his first year with the team.