Jeremy Martin Docked Seven Points in Indianapolis


GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin was protested after his win on Saturday night in the East/West Showdown in Indianapolis for jumping on a red cross flag in the main event.

After the main event, the AMA ruled that he will keep the win, but determined he would be docked seven points. Instead of getting 26 points for the win, Martin will get 19. Prior to the ruling being announced, Martin was asked what he thought should happen in the press conference: 

“From my perspective, I came out of the turn, and I didn’t see the medic flag waving,” he said. “I saw the lights on the triple, and I was like ‘I think those are red.’ So I rolled the face of it and then I looked at saw the area was clear and no medic flags after that and then I doubled it. It was an honest mistake.” 

So, essentially, Martin will go down as the winner in the record books, but won’t get the max points. At this time, the official AMA results still show Adam Cianciarulo receiving second place points, not first.

We’ll update this post if anything changes.