Jason Anderson’s Mixtape - Racer X Exhaust


Jason Anderson’s Mixtape
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by: Jason Weigandt

Jason Anderson was Mr. Happy-go-lucky this year. Recent retirements by Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto taught us that winning the Monster Energy Supercross Championship, and working with Aldon Baker, was a challenging existence. And yet all year Anderson appeared to be the same dude as usual, hanging with his buddies and having fun. He just happened to be winning most prestigious championship in his sport, no worries, no stress.

Unfortunately, broken spokes have turned this situation a little more serious. Jason has a week to think about the possibility of more mechanical failures, bad luck, black cats, broken mirrors, and more.

We can cheer him up. With an old-fashioned mix tape!

This is easy. I was listening to Sirius XM Radio’s The Spectrum this morning while analyzing Anderson’s plight. I realized that alternative rock songs have lyrics that can apply to nearly any situation, including Anderson’s. Rock n’ roll has roots in the blues, so it was made for times like this. Let’s just go back to when it was all about the music, man.

"Live in the Moment" | Portugal. The Man

Jason, it’s okay. By next Sunday morning you’ll be partying with your buds in Vegas, with a million-plus dollars to spend. Your boys will have your back. Just let these lyrics explain.

Ooh la la la la laLet's live in the momentCome back Sunday morningWith that soul to sellWhen you're gone

Goodbye, so long, farewell

Oh my god I can’t believe my eyesWake up everybody you knowCome and watch the garden grow

I’ll see you when you get there

"Don’t Give In" | Snow Patrol

The key, Jason, is to not let one race change your approach. Maybe you’ll even come out stronger from this experience. Have a listen.

Don't give inDon't you dare quit so easyGive all that you got on the soulDon't say that you want it foreverI know, I knowIt's in your bloodAnd it's in your makingSo don't hold your tongue

'Cause it's, it's no longer working

Don't fall on your swordJust follow your instinctLike an old lesson learned

Like an old lesson learned

"Severed" | The Decemberists

Jason, it was just one bad race. You’re still the points leader and you’re going to win this title. Don’t let anyone try to get in your head. Think like The Decemberists think!

I alone am the answerI alone will make wrongs rightBut in order to root out the cancerIt's got to be kept from the sightI'm allied to the winterBut don't you get clever

Don't you get clever

I'm allied to the landslideGonna leave you all severed

Gonna leave you all severed

"Lithium" | Nirvana

Oh sure, that sucked on Saturday, but today is a new day and your friends are still around. It’s all good.

I'm so happy 'cause todayI've found my friends,They're in my headI'm so ugly, that's okay, 'cause so are you,Broke our mirrorsSunday morning is everyday for all I care,And I'm not scaredLight my candles in a daze

'Cause I've found god

"Lay It on Me" | Vance Joy

You’ve still got your health and you’ve still got that dirt bike you love. It’s going to come through for you when you need it most, bro.

I'm so goneAnyone could see that I'm wastedYou cut throughAnd I just wanna know what's in your headWrite it on a piece of paper, honeyPut it in my coat before I goHidden in a place you know I'll find it, ohLater when I'm sitting all aloneLet me inEverything starts at your skin, so newYour love's always finding me outWho am I kidding?If all my defenses come down, oh babyWill you lay it all on me now?Lay it all on me now

Lay it all on me now

Lay it all on me now

"No Roots" | Alice Merton

Look man, this is how racing works. Didn’t come together in SLC but just move onto the next town, the next week. You’re a racer and you can’t dwell on one bad race. Let's move on!

I build a home and wait forSomeone to tear it downThen pack it up in boxesHead for the next town runningCause, I've got memories and

Travel like gypsies in the night

And a thousand times I've seen this road
A thousand times

I've got no rootsBut my home was never on the ground

I've got no roots