Introducing the PulpMX Quadruple Crown


We here at PulpMX.com and the PulpMX Show like the privateers of the sport. We’re big fans of the guys on Privateer Island who slave away each week to get into the main event. And we want to help out and give back, as we’ve always done.

So, thanks to Flyin Kolors helmet designs and FLY Racing, we’re going to do just that. What we’re going to do is offer up a raffle for this brand-new FLY Racing F2 Carbon helmet done up in true PulpMX style by Smootz at Flyin Kolors. You can wear it or put it on the shelf, whatever you want to do.

All proceeds raised here by your tickets go to the rider who scores the most points in a four-race series of 450SX LCQ’s.

The races on the quadruple challenge schedule are:

January 27 — GlendaleFebruary  17 — Dallas March 17 — St Louis

March 24 — Indianapolis