Introducing The MotoHome Concept


Introducing The MotoHome Concept
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Jeremy Carman, a senior at the University of Southern California School of Architecture, has an idea that will combine his two passions—motorcycles and architecture—and create something that, well, I’ve never seen before. 

According to his GoFundMe page, his goal is to basically build a motor home motorcycle.

“I'm not just designing a motorcycle with architecture strapped to it; I'm designing and building a shelter solution that's dependently integrated into an all-terrain motorcycle,” he wrote. “Its purpose is to give its user a travel experience unlike any other—nearly uninhibited travel on an athletic and widely capable vehicle all while providing the user a home that's comfortable, practical, and sustainable. If the RV was architecture on four wheels, this would be an attempt at architecture on two.”

Here is a mockup of the bike he included on his GoFundMe page: 

He said the goal was to have the bike built by late April 2018, and that once the prototype was complete, he would put it to the test.

“The entire reason for designing a fully capable off-road motorcycle shelter is because the intention is to be able to travel as I please and take the path less traveled,” he wrote. “The narrative behind my design is that it would allow me to take the trip of a lifetime to the southernmost tip of South America and back. I'll be crossing over 20,000 miles of deserts, rivers, beaches, and possibly scaling the Andes mountains! I'll be following in the footsteps of the many riders who've accomplished such amazing feats; however, the main difference is that I'll be doing it on a bike I built and designed, that has an integrated shelter I built, all with your support.”

As of June 6, 2018, he had only raised $2,666 of his projected goal of $5,000, so we have no idea if he got The MotoHome built or not.

Jeremy, if you’re reading this, please email me at [email protected] and let us know.