Husqvarna Motorcycles Presents 2019 Casual Apparel Collection


Husqvarna Motorcycles Presents 2019 Casual Apparel Collection

Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the availability of their 2019 Casual Clothing Apparel—a revamped range of premium garments and lifestyle accessories for pure Husqvarna Motorcycles fans.

Offering casual wear and lifestyle accessories for men, women, and kids, the new collection has been designed to reflect Husqvarna Motorcycles’ highest-quality standards.

Featuring carefully placed Husqvarna Motorcycles logos and badges, every item in the new collection is designed to offer comfort and durability for the stylish, modern-day Husqvarna enthusiasts. Designed to honor the brand’s Swedish roots, the new-for-2019 lineup adopts a clean, yet distinctive style.

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Offering an athletic fit, the new Sixtorp Tee is an elegant garment for casual, everyday use. Built around a highly breathable and fast-drying polyester material, it features the Husqvarna Motorcycles logo woven directly into its back together with well-placed logos to create a clean and understated design.

Ideal for chilly summer evenings, the Sixtorp Light Jacket is constructed from high-grade, functional material. With its sporty style and carefully placed Husqvarna Motorcycles branding, it is a purposely functional jacket for dedicated Husqvarna fans.

Featuring a clean design, the Sixtorp Hybrid Jacket is a water-repellent and wind-resistant jacket with waterproof zippers, which can be worn throughout the year. Offering several storage compartments, the premium quality jacket is both stylish and extremely comfortable to wear.

Offering a clean, yet distinctive look, the new Women Inventor Tee is a premium garment specially designed for stylish, modern women. An assured mark of premium quality, it features carefully placed Husqvarna Motorcycles logos.

The Women Inventor Long Sleeve is the ideal garment as things cool down after an epic day of riding. The overall comfy fit means it’s easy to relax in, while the adapted shoulders help maintain the shirt’s formed and stylish shape.

Made exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles by industry specialist 100%, the Corporate Shades perfectly combine style with the ultimate UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. Based around a 100-percent plastic construction, they feature impact-resistant lenses.

Industry leader OGIO has designed the Erzberg Hydration Pack exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles. Made of 100 percent polyester, it can carry up to three liters of fluids, weighing approximately 0.4 kg.