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Welcome to the 2017 Racer X Online Actually Fun Gift Guide, presented by Ride365.com. We're attempting to make mundane Christmas gift shopping into something cool—starting with the fact that motocross gifts are the best gifts of all. Try Ride365.com to get your shopping list going this year, then check out some other cool products.

Although I no longer still play with toys (most of the time), I have three New Ray Toys replicas sitting on the shelf in my house, still in their boxes—James Stewart, Chad Reed, and Valentino Rossi. You see, even if you are over the age of 10, it’s still cool to have toys in your house (I hope), and if you’re looking for anything moto-related, New Ray Toys is your one-stop shop.

Whether you’re looking for Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, James Stewart, Chad Reed, or Kevin Windham, New Ray has a ton of race team replica toys. For the MotoGP fans out there, they also have Rossi, Marc Marquez, Andrea Iannone, and more.

Buy yours at newrayusa.com.
Buy yours at  newrayusa.com.

Out just in time for the holidays is their new Cooper Webb factory Yamaha race bike and team truck replica. The scale factory Yamaha #2 retails for just $27.99, while the truck comes in at $49.99. Whether you’re buying it for your kid or yourself (nothing wrong with that), it’s a great gift for the holidays. Check out chapmoto.com to get it today. Also, visit newrayusa.com for more products.

Playing with toys is awesome, but sometimes you need to experience the thrill of riding for yourself. One thing you must protect when riding is your head. Arai’s VX-PRO4 was designed to be the ultimate off-road helmet. Whether you’re riding moto, dual sport, or desert, this is a great helmet.

Buy yours at araiamericas.com.
Buy yours at  araiamericas.com.

The helmet features a shell made with Arai’s proprietary aerospace-grade Super Fibers, an antimicrobial inner liner, and a high-performance ventilation system. It is trusted by the top pros. Price ranges between $609.95 and $749.95. Visit araiamericas.com for more info.