Get Sponsored: The 2018 Sponsorship Season is Open


Want to get sponsored by companies in the motocross industry? Now is the time. Most companies have opened (or will be opening) their 2018 sponsorship season.

Below you will find out more about the sponsorship programs that have already been opened and how to apply. 

Note: This post will continue to update.


PanicREV is excited to announce the opening of their 2018 Sponsorship season. This is your chance to become part of the PanicREV MotoCrew and join an elite group of athletes in 2018. 

Join our exclusive MotoCrew and take your skills to the next level with CampRev and get great deals on the freshest clothing and moto accessories on the market.  

PanicREV will be accepting resumes starting NOW through Febuary 28th. Motocross and ATV riders of all levels are encouraged to apply to become part of the 2018 PanicREV MotoCrew.  

PanicREV is seeking riders that excel on and off the track and are looking to represent the brand in a positive and professional manner. Get your resume ready and send it in! Join The Movement and become part of the Crew, join the PanicREV MotoCrew!  

Resumes can be submitted through email to [email protected]  

You can also submit a resume at www.mxsponsor.com/panicrev


Are you ready to take your racing to the next level? 

Join the O’Neal USA Rider Support program for the 2018 season, and become part of our family. We are looking for riders from the local to championship levels that can positively represent O’Neal on and off the track.

 O’NEAL, a leading gear company since 1970, is looking forward to supporting the sport with another great year of racing and sponsorship. Year after year we have pushed ourselves to deliver the best quality products at an affordable cost. 

Apply now at http://www.hookit.com/brands/onealmoto/

Torrot GasGas North America

Torrot GasGas North America is stronger than ever; with new, cutting-edge motorcycles, a growing dealer network, and unprecedented OEM and aftermarket parts support, there has never been a better time to join the GasGas family! We are pleased to announce the details of our 2018 “School of Champions” Competitor Support Program.

Each GasGas Dealer in the U.S. has room for ONE Trials Competitor and ONE Off-Road Competitor on the 2018 “School of Champions” Team, and it could be you! If you are 23 years old or younger and are interested in competing on a GasGas for the 2018 season, contact your local GasGas dealer ASAP!

To start with, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • -  23 Years Old or Younger.

  • -  Competes Frequently (at least 6 times per year) in either Off-Road or Trials. All Skill Levels Welcome.

  • -  Good Communication Skills: You need to be able to tell everyone what you love about your GasGas!

    Next, prepare a race resume that outlines why you are the right Rider for the Team. Include:

  • -  Name, age, contact information.

  • -  Photo of yourself (without helmet) standing next to your current motorcycle.

  • -  Competition Highlights from past few seasons.

  • -  Proposed Competition Calendar for 2018 season.

  • -  Description of how you would promote GasGas and your local GasGas Dealer.

    Finally, get in touch with your local GasGas Dealer and submit your resume for consideration. You can find your closest GasGas Dealer here.

    Eligible “School of Champions” GasGas Models:

  • -  Off-Road:
    o 2018EC250,EC300

    o 2018XC250,XC300

  • -  Trials:

    o 2017.5TXT125E4,TXT250E4,TXT280E4,TXT300E4

  • Hurry, as slots on the 2018 “School of Champions” Team are EXTREMELY LIMITED!


EKS BRAND is now accepting rider resumes for the 2018 season. The EKS BRAND Rider Support Program is in its eighth year and is actively looking for riders to be a part the program.

Support levels range from C class riders all the way up through National level racers. The program is open to riders of all disciplines including, but not limited to, Motocross, Supercross, Off-Road, Flat Track, Hill Climb, Supermoto, Speedway, Endurocross, Trials, ATV, Mountain bike and action sport athletes. Join the likes of Broc Tickle, Freddy Noren, Josh Strang, Russell Bobbitt, Sammy Halbert ... just to name a few. 

Click on www.eksbrand.com and go to "contact us" or send a small resume to [email protected]

Group 6 USA

We want you on our team and are now accepting resumes for individual riders and teams of all levels for the 2018 season.

Please contact [email protected] to apply.

Team Gaerne is accepting resumes for sponsorships of the 2018 riding season. Backed by over 50 years of innovation and Italian craftsmanship, Gaerne stands as one of the leading global motocross boot suppliers. Our Rider Support Program was created to help moto enthusiasts like you achieve your riding goals. In this upcoming season, Gaerne is looking for riders of all ages and experience levels who are dedicated to stepping up and showing out, while enjoying the ride with the comfort and support of #gsonmyfeet.  

We invite you to apply for our Rider Support Program through one of the following methods:

- Visit http://gaerneusa.com/sponsorship to submit a digital inquiry.

- Email your updated resume, complete with contact information, career highlights, plans and interests  to:  [email protected]      

- Digitally submit your updated resume through http://mxsponsor.com/companies/gaerne.


MOTOREX USA is now accepting rider support resumes and applications for the 2018 race season. Riders are encouraged to apply before December 1, 2017 as all riders applying after this time will not be considered for 2018.

To apply please send your racing resume with results via email to the address below before the Dec 1 deadline. Be sure to include an email address in your resume as all rider contracts will be sent out via email to [email protected]


Seven is looking for those talented few who have the ability and mind set to transcend all that is current. Athletes who are so determined that failure is not an option. Are you the one?

Be part of an elite group of athletes who share your desire for next level performance, style and creativity.

Were here to help the youth of the universe achieve their goals and live out their dreams.

View intro video.

Please apply at https://sevenmx.com/athlete-support/.


ProTaper is pleased to announce the opening of our 2018 sponsorship season. Now is your chance to become part of our U.S. Rider Support Program and join the growing number of riders around the world who use and trust ProTaper products!  

From October 1 through November 30, 2017, ProTaper will be accepting resumes for the 2018 season. U.S. racers of all abilities and disciplines are encouraged to apply. If you race motocross, supercross, flat track, ATV or off-road, and can represent ProTaper in a positive manner on and off the track, we’re looking for you!

To be considered for the 2018 ProTaper sponsorship program, please apply using one of the following methods:

Submit a digital application through MxSponsor at: http://mxsponsor.com/companies/pro-taper.

E-mail your complete resume with your contact information, including your results for the past two seasons, career highlights, and your upcoming race calendar to: [email protected]  

To check out the entire collection of ProTaper’s race-proven products, visit www.protaper.com.

For more information on ProTaper’s 2018 rider support program, visit www.protaper.com/c/1/rider-support or email [email protected].  

Note: We only accept sponsorship requests from racers within the United States.

Works Connection

Works Connection is accepting new rider and currently sponsored rider resumes for the 2018 season. Works Connection’s Rider Support Program is in its 28th year and is actively looking for riders to be a part the program. Support levels range from Beginner up through the National level. The program is open to riders of all disciplines including, but not limited to, Motocross, Supercross, Off-Road, Flat Track, Hill Climb, Supermoto, Speedway, Endurocross, Trials, ATV and action sport athletes. 

Click on Works Connection Rider Support or visit worksconnection.com to apply for your sponsorship online today. 


Renthal is now accepting rider support applications for the 2018 racing season. For nearly 35 years, Renthal has run the most successful amateur rider support program in the United States which has seen so many of the sports elite professional riders come up through the ranks as Renthal supported athletes. Support at the grassroots level is very important to Renthal as it assists riders achieve their dream of getting to the next level and helps smooth the transition from amateur to pro more seamless due to the use of our products.

To apply for sponsorship from Renthal you must visit our dedicated sponsorship website at www.renthal.com/support , which allows you to upload all your information and attach a resume in Word or PDF format.

Sponsorship is available for all disciplines of racing in the USA, whether you ride Motocross, Offroad, ATV, Road Race or something in between, we are looking for riders who can represent us in a professional manner on and off the track. 

For more information about Renthal’s amateur support program, please visit www.renthal.com/support or you can contact us at (877) 736-8425, or via e-mail, [email protected]. Supported riders are encouraged to interact with us on social media during the events they attend throughout the season.

Existing sponsored riders need to apply using the same method to maintain their sponsorship through the 2018 race season.

Viral Brand

We are pleased to announce that we have opened sponsorship applications for the 2018 season. We are looking for riders that want to help grow the brand with hard work and great results. In 2017 we sponsored riders all across the world from the BPR Supercross team from the U.S., to riders in Austrailia, Thailand, Peru, Canada, Mexico and Europe. For the 2018 season, we are looking for riders that are tired of going to the line and having the same goggles as everyone else, riders that are bold and not afraid to buck the status and we are looking for riders that want the best fitting goggle on the market!

Sign up today for a chance to help grow our brand and yours. Today is the day to "Choose Your Own Line" and GO VIRAL.

To apply please send your resume to [email protected]

EVS Sports

Bell Helmets is getting a head start on the 2018 race season and is now accepting athlete applications. We are looking for racers in all disciplines; Motocross, Off-Road, Flat Track, Road Racing, ATV and UTV. If you are serious about racing and compete in 12 or more events a year, we invite you to fill out the information at this link and submit: www.bellhelmets.com/asp.

Submitting an application does not mean automatic acceptance into the program - we may request further information. Athletes will be selected based upon several criteria including but not limited to their level of participation, performance and social media exposure.

NOTE: Bell Helmets is no longer accepting sponsorship applications through Hookit.

Engine Ice

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, the premier choice for powersports coolant and antifreeze, is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for 2018 racing support. Applications are available online through their page on HookIt or via the Engine Ice website at engineice.com.

Engine Ice is looking for brand ambassadors in all types of racing including automotive, motorcycle, ATV, SXS and snowmobile and has programs available for all skill and performance levels.

“More than a sticker on a fender, Engine Ice is looking to support racers that present a positive image and are role models for their competitors,” said Engine Ice President Dave Kimmey. “Over the years we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best athletes in the sport and have considered them as part of the family. Chosen athletes are expected to maintain a professionalism and perform to the best of their ability each time they take to the track. If you think you have what it takes, send us your resume.”

In addition to two levels of support via Hookit, Engine Ice also maintains a Factory Direct program for professional racers and high-level amateurs. These riders receive product, promotional and marketing support direct from the corporate office and select riders will also be eligible to perform R&D tasks and provide feedback on any new products introduced by Engine Ice during the 2018 season.


Asterisk is excited to be accepting applications and resumes for the up and coming 2018 season. Sponsorship programs will be open from September 1, 2017 until December 15, 2017. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Asterisk 2018 Athlete Support Program, please send us a detailed resume to [email protected]

Asterisk manufactures all of our handmade Ultra Cell, Cell & Jr Cell knee braces right here in our very own factory in the USA. The new and improved Asterisk, LLC has re-opened and has focused on creating the most functionally advanced knee braces available. 

To learn more about Asterisk please visit us at: www.asterisk.com.

Nihilo concepts

The 2018 season is right around the corner and now is the time to apply for rider support! Nihilo Concepts is ready to select the Tribe riders for the 2018 MX, SX, & AX season. We encourage everyone, current Tribe members as well as new applicants, to apply for rider support now. We are looking for a select number of dedicated riders to represent Nihilo Concepts in a positive manner on and off the track, consistently throughout the season. Please send your resume, including a bio and recent results, to [email protected]m.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the Nihilo Tribe sponsorship program!

Hinson Clutch Components

Hinson Clutch Components is now accepting resumes for the 2018 rider support season. Apply now to ensure you get in before our budget is full.

All rider support is being handled directly through our website HinsonRacing.com. You will apply/submit your resume by clicking the banner on our homepage where you will fill out all the necessary information. Once you've done that, you will receive an email from us with further instructions.

All sponsored riders will be able to shop with their discount directly on our website by logging in to their support account. Whether you need to do a quick price check on some clutch components or place an order with your discount, you'll be able to do so with our rider support platform.

To apply click the "Rider Support" banner on our home page or click the link below: