Photos From 2019 Oakland


Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Oakland, CA Oakland Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship

Our own Jeff Kardas and Rich Shepherd were at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for round four of Monster Energy AMA Supercross to capture all the action, from press day to the main events.

Here are some of their best photos from Oakland.

  • Cantrell_RS_SX19_Oakland_030
    Cantrell_RS_SX19_Oakland_030 Rich Shepherd
  • JK2_1465
    JK2_1465 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6174
    J_K_6174 Jeff Kardas
  • JK2_1463
    JK2_1463 Jeff Kardas
  • Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Oakland_003
    Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Oakland_003 Rich Shepherd
  • Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_055
    Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_055 Rich Shepherd
  • JK2_1470
    JK2_1470 Jeff Kardas
  • Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_007
    Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_007 Rich Shepherd
  • Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_060
    Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_060 Rich Shepherd
  • McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_086
    McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_086 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_5820
    J_K_5820 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6335
    J_K_6335 Jeff Kardas
  • Mechanix_Wear_RS_SX19_Oakland_004
    Mechanix_Wear_RS_SX19_Oakland_004 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_019
    Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_019 Rich Shepherd
  • JK2_1493
    JK2_1493 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6448
    J_K_6448 Jeff Kardas
  • Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_064
    Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_064 Rich Shepherd
  • Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_069
    Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_069 Rich Shepherd
  • Decotis_RS_SX19_Oakland_007
    Decotis_RS_SX19_Oakland_007 Rich Shepherd
  • Baggett_RS_SX19_Oakland_003
    Baggett_RS_SX19_Oakland_003 Rich Shepherd
  • Bogle_RS_SX19_Oakland_008
    Bogle_RS_SX19_Oakland_008 Rich Shepherd
  • Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_016
    Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_016 Rich Shepherd
  • Baggett_RS_SX19_Oakland_016
    Baggett_RS_SX19_Oakland_016 Rich Shepherd
  • Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_026
    Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_026 Rich Shepherd
  • Brayton_RS_SX19_Oakland_006
    Brayton_RS_SX19_Oakland_006 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_6342
    J_K_6342 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6032
    J_K_6032 Jeff Kardas
  • Tomac_RS_SX19_Oakland_036
    Tomac_RS_SX19_Oakland_036 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_041
    Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_041 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_5897
    J_K_5897 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5426
    J_K_5426 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5364
    J_K_5364 Jeff Kardas
  • JK2_1309
    JK2_1309 Jeff Kardas
  • Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Oakland_036
    Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Oakland_036 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_064
    Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_064 Rich Shepherd
  • McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_039
    McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_039 Rich Shepherd
  • Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_019
    Musquin_RS_SX19_Oakland_019 Rich Shepherd
  • Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_065
    Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_065 Rich Shepherd
  • Pettis_RS_SX19_Oakland_001
    Pettis_RS_SX19_Oakland_001 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_6596
    J_K_6596 Jeff Kardas
  • McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_005
    McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_005 Rich Shepherd
  • JK2_1363
    JK2_1363 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5459
    J_K_5459 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6132
    J_K_6132 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6114
    J_K_6114 Jeff Kardas
  • McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_065
    McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_065 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_6548
    J_K_6548 Jeff Kardas
  • Plessinger_RS_SX19_Oakland_024
    Plessinger_RS_SX19_Oakland_024 Rich Shepherd
  • McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_072
    McElrath_RS_SX19_Oakland_072 Rich Shepherd
  • Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_060
    Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_060 Rich Shepherd
  • Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Oakland_068
    Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Oakland_068 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_5674
    J_K_5674 Jeff Kardas
  • Baggett_RS_SX19_Oakland_012
    Baggett_RS_SX19_Oakland_012 Rich Shepherd
  • Starts_RS_SX19_Oakland_014
    Starts_RS_SX19_Oakland_014 Rich Shepherd
  • JK2_1407
    JK2_1407 Jeff Kardas
  • Seely_RS_SX19_Oakland_035
    Seely_RS_SX19_Oakland_035 Rich Shepherd
  • Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_064
    Roczen_RS_SX19_Oakland_064 Rich Shepherd
  • Privateers_RS_SX19_Oakland_078
    Privateers_RS_SX19_Oakland_078 Rich Shepherd
  • JK2_1383
    JK2_1383 Jeff Kardas
  • JK2_1434
    JK2_1434 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6197
    J_K_6197 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5881
    J_K_5881 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5720
    J_K_5720 Jeff Kardas
  • Barcia_RS_SX19_Oakland_020
    Barcia_RS_SX19_Oakland_020 Rich Shepherd
  • Cantrell_RS_SX19_Oakland_011
    Cantrell_RS_SX19_Oakland_011 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_6051
    J_K_6051 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5462
    J_K_5462 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_5855
    J_K_5855 Jeff Kardas
  • JK2_1448
    JK2_1448 Jeff Kardas
  • McAdoo_RS_SX19_Oakland_011
    McAdoo_RS_SX19_Oakland_011 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_6305
    J_K_6305 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6265
    J_K_6265 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_6211
    J_K_6211 Jeff Kardas
  • Barcia_RS_SX19_Oakland_007
    Barcia_RS_SX19_Oakland_007 Rich Shepherd
  • Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_081
    Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_081 Rich Shepherd
  • Wilson_RS_SX19_Oakland_051
    Wilson_RS_SX19_Oakland_051 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_130
    Webb_RS_SX19_Oakland_130 Rich Shepherd
  • Seely_RS_SX19_Oakland_014
    Seely_RS_SX19_Oakland_014 Rich Shepherd
  • Savatgy_RS_SX19_Oakland_021
    Savatgy_RS_SX19_Oakland_021 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_5734
    J_K_5734 Jeff Kardas
  • Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_066
    Hampshire_RS_SX19_Oakland_066 Rich Shepherd