Photos From 2019 Atlanta


Mercedez-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA Atlanta Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship

Our own Jeff Kardas and Rich Shepherd were at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for round nine of Monster Energy AMA Supercross to capture all the action, from press day to the main events.

Here are some of their best photos from Atlanta.

  • Musquin_RS_SX19_Atlanta_021
    Musquin_RS_SX19_Atlanta_021 Rich Shepherd
  • McAdoo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_010
    McAdoo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_010 Rich Shepherd
  • Plessinger_RS_SX19_Atlanta_010
    Plessinger_RS_SX19_Atlanta_010 Rich Shepherd
  • Seely_RS_SX19_Atlanta_023
    Seely_RS_SX19_Atlanta_023 Rich Shepherd
  • Tomac_RS_SX19_Atlanta_033
    Tomac_RS_SX19_Atlanta_033 Rich Shepherd
  • Bailey_RS_SX19_Atlanta_004
    Bailey_RS_SX19_Atlanta_004 Rich Shepherd
  • Wilson_RS_SX19_Atlanta_019
    Wilson_RS_SX19_Atlanta_019 Rich Shepherd
  • McElrath_RS_SX19_Atlanta_043
    McElrath_RS_SX19_Atlanta_043 Rich Shepherd
  • Bogle_RS_SX19_Atlanta_003
    Bogle_RS_SX19_Atlanta_003 Rich Shepherd
  • McAdoo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_024
    McAdoo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_024 Rich Shepherd
  • Bowers_RS_SX19_Atlanta_010
    Bowers_RS_SX19_Atlanta_010 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Atlanta_100
    Webb_RS_SX19_Atlanta_100 Rich Shepherd
  • Starts_RS_SX19_Atlanta_029
    Starts_RS_SX19_Atlanta_029 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Atlanta_043
    Webb_RS_SX19_Atlanta_043 Rich Shepherd
  • Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_040
    Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_040 Rich Shepherd
  • Mosiman_RS_SX19_Atlanta_011
    Mosiman_RS_SX19_Atlanta_011 Rich Shepherd
  • Forkner_RS_SX19_Atlanta_007
    Forkner_RS_SX19_Atlanta_007 Rich Shepherd
  • Sexton_RS_SX19_Atlanta_001
    Sexton_RS_SX19_Atlanta_001 Rich Shepherd
  • Forkner_RS_SX19_Atlanta_003
    Forkner_RS_SX19_Atlanta_003 Rich Shepherd
  • Baggett_RS_SX19_Atlanta_012
    Baggett_RS_SX19_Atlanta_012 Rich Shepherd
  • Osborne_RS_SX19_Atlanta_013
    Osborne_RS_SX19_Atlanta_013 Rich Shepherd
  • Cooper_RS_SX19_Atlanta_009
    Cooper_RS_SX19_Atlanta_009 Rich Shepherd
  • Seely_RS_SX19_Atlanta_007
    Seely_RS_SX19_Atlanta_007 Rich Shepherd
  • Webb_RS_SX19_Atlanta_114
    Webb_RS_SX19_Atlanta_114 Rich Shepherd
  • Ferrandis_RS_SX19_Atlanta_006
    Ferrandis_RS_SX19_Atlanta_006 Rich Shepherd
  • Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_073
    Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_073 Rich Shepherd
  • Hampshire_RS_SX19_Atlanta_001
    Hampshire_RS_SX19_Atlanta_001 Rich Shepherd
  • Nichols_RS_SX19_Atlanta_015
    Nichols_RS_SX19_Atlanta_015 Rich Shepherd
  • Pits_RS_SX19_Atlanta_017
    Pits_RS_SX19_Atlanta_017 Rich Shepherd
  • Podium_RS_SX19_Atlanta_007
    Podium_RS_SX19_Atlanta_007 Rich Shepherd
  • Martin_RS_SX19_Atlanta_051
    Martin_RS_SX19_Atlanta_051 Rich Shepherd
  • Reed_RS_SX19_Atlanta_040
    Reed_RS_SX19_Atlanta_040 Rich Shepherd
  • Starts_RS_SX19_Atlanta_018
    Starts_RS_SX19_Atlanta_018 Rich Shepherd
  • Roczen_RS_SX19_Atlanta_052
    Roczen_RS_SX19_Atlanta_052 Rich Shepherd
  • Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_052
    Cianciarulo_RS_SX19_Atlanta_052 Rich Shepherd
  • Privateers_RS_SX19_Atlanta_077
    Privateers_RS_SX19_Atlanta_077 Rich Shepherd
  • Savatgy_RS_SX19_Atlanta_002
    Savatgy_RS_SX19_Atlanta_002 Rich Shepherd
  • Davalos_RS_SX19_Atlanta_021
    Davalos_RS_SX19_Atlanta_021 Rich Shepherd
  • Cunningham_RS_SX19_Atlanta_001
    Cunningham_RS_SX19_Atlanta_001 Rich Shepherd
  • Brayton_RS_SX19_Atlanta_006
    Brayton_RS_SX19_Atlanta_006 Rich Shepherd
  • Musquin_RS_SX19_Atlanta_038
    Musquin_RS_SX19_Atlanta_038 Rich Shepherd
  • J_K_2712
    J_K_2712 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3680
    J_K_3680 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3643
    J_K_3643 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3837
    J_K_3837 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4245
    J_K_4245 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3713
    J_K_3713 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4293
    J_K_4293 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2937
    J_K_2937 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2715
    J_K_2715 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2454
    J_K_2454 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3685
    J_K_3685 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2969
    J_K_2969 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4362
    J_K_4362 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4247
    J_K_4247 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4072
    J_K_4072 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3699
    J_K_3699 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3867
    J_K_3867 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3010
    J_K_3010 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2264
    J_K_2264 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3733
    J_K_3733 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3827
    J_K_3827 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2953
    J_K_2953 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3776
    J_K_3776 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3773
    J_K_3773 Jeff Kardas
  • JK2_1945
    JK2_1945 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2400
    J_K_2400 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2522
    J_K_2522 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4390
    J_K_4390 Jeff Kardas
  • JK2_1698
    JK2_1698 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4064
    J_K_4064 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3024
    J_K_3024 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4179
    J_K_4179 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2529
    J_K_2529 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4226
    J_K_4226 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4322
    J_K_4322 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4318
    J_K_4318 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3830
    J_K_3830 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_3067
    J_K_3067 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_4003
    J_K_4003 Jeff Kardas
  • J_K_2299
    J_K_2299 Jeff Kardas