Step by Step


Have you ever wondered how a factory mechanic would do a number of bike maintenance tasks? Well, wonder no longer. We have teamed up with former factory mechanic Scott Adkins of Pro SX MX Tech to show you exactly how the professional teams in the pits of Monster Energy Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross go about taking care of their rides.

Scotty's got credentials, too; he's worked as a mechanic on both series' for 12 years and wrenched with some top talent like Nick Wey, Ryan Sipes, Jeremy Martin, and Christophe Pourcel, to name a few. So sit back, relax, and in this installment you'll learn how to properly remove, clean, oil, and reinstall a dirty air filter.

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Step 1: Remove air filter Step 2: Clean air filter with solvent to remove oil based debris Step 3: Clean air filter with detergent and water to remove water based (dirt) debris Step 4: Oil air filter (inside and outside)

Step 5: Reinstall air filter