Exhaust: Join Us at Racer X’s New Outlet for Humor, Culture, and News


In 2017, we celebrated the biggest year ever for Racer X Online, with more people than ever reading our stories and news. That’s good, but you can’t live only by the numbers. We get traffic from the news and info, but honestly, when the stories are good and people are having fun, we know it. Our man Davey Coombs started Racer X by saying: “Motocross has lost its sense of humor. We’re bringing it back.”

Well, Racer X was funny, but it was also successful, and we eventually became the number-one source for news and info. You come to RacerXOnline.com for serious news on the contenders, so we don’t want to muck it up with edgy stuff. There’s a place in the motocross culture for something on the side, though, and we need an outlet for that beautiful noise. So, you know what you do, right? You build an exhaust pipe!

Announcing Racer X Exhaust, our new blog site for humor, gossip, and culture—motorsports culture, that is. It’s not mainstream, it’s stream of consciousness. It’s stuff that doesn’t belong on RacerXOnline.com but needs a place somewhere. We’re starting straight from the street-level with this one, so we’ve been writing like graffiti artists—put it on the wall and see what stays.

Exhaust starts with the return of Blogandt, my own personal blog that launched in 2004. I’ll write about fun stuff from the races, but also about being cheap, life as the world’s least handy man, and much more. When I started Blogandt, I was tasked with running The Racing Paper, a side newspaper project for Racer X, and we did some wild stuff, including this ridiculous blog on the website. We once ran a piece called “101 Things to Do with The Racing Paper,” in which we actually showed 101 things you could do—like use the newspaper as a blanket, or start a fire, or wrap Christmas gifts. We wrote a story about Yamaha adding cup holders and a beaded seat to Chad Reed’s aluminum-framed YZ250 because he was “looking for comfort.” We also wrote about stuff that had nothing to do with motocross. It was fun, but we lost sight of it while chasing the news. Time to bring it back.

Also on Exhaust, you might recognize content similar to Chase Stallo’s “The Word On” feature that ran here on Racer X Online. Chase has grabbed stuff from the edges of the motorsports world and pulled it back to the center. 

We have a lot more planned for this site, from recipe ideas to How (Not) To’s to hot takes straight from the couch. We’ll promise to keep it lighthearted as long as you don’t take it too seriously, either. Exhaust—just some hot air, but it might sound good to you.

Visit exhaust.racerxonline.com today and let us know what you think.

— Jason Weigandt