Racer X Exhaust Podcast: Humble Roots With Justin Brayton


We all know Justin Brayton didn't do it like others. Brayton wasn't an amateur star, and as a teenager, he had zero thoughts about actually being able to make a living in the sport. He just loved dirt bikes and loved doing the work, so he kept improving and it all worked out.

But while we all know that about Brayton, do we actually know what his bizarre path really looked like? In this episode of the Racer X Exhaust Podcast, Brayton talks about him humble roots riding in Iowa—from not even having dirt bikes for part of his youth to riding so badly that he was literally a lapper at the local level. From there to here, it's been quite a road for the Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts Honda rider and 2018 Daytona Supercross winner.

While talking to Brayton, we also ran into a next-generation kid with very similar Iowa roots: Cameron McAdoo, who is trying to find his footing as a pro with GEICO Honda. For McAdoo—heck, for everyone—Brayton is an inspiring story, and he tells it in this episode.

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