45 Feet Straight Up: Colby Raha Soars To Nitro World Games QuarterPipe Win


QuarterPipe is a relatively new discipline in FMX. It debuted at the Monster Energy Cup in 2016, essentially serving as a qualifier for X Games Minneapolis 2017.

Last year at XG, Colby Raha, a relatively unknown, took gold in walk off fashion, earning his first XG gold medal in his first appearance. Raha was looking to repeat this year, but was outdueled by Axell Hodges, who missed XG Minneapolis 2017 due to a wrist injury.

Quietly, behind-the-scenes, there is a bit of a brewing rivalry between Raha and Hodges. It spilled over into Nitro World Games this past weekend. The ramp at Nitro World Games is bigger than the one at XG, so the heights were going to be enormous. Hodges went 34'3" to win XG.

Raha would better Hodges this time, as he hit 45 feet 2 inches to take the win. Check out the clips below—these heights are downright scary, but they're not done! The two will square off again next month in Sydney for the inaugural X Games Sydney. It should be fun!