Chris Blose Takes Over Points Lead with Win in Nampa


NAMPA, Idaho - AMSOIL Arenacross hosted the first round of the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup inside the Ford Idaho Center in front of a nearly sold-out crowd. GPF Babbitt's Online's Ryan Breece extended his Arenacross Lites West points lead, and Chris Blose took over the 250AX points lead after a phenomenal victory over Jacob Hayes.

The afternoon started with two-time defending 250AX champion Gavin Faith going down in the rhythm section, which forced a red flag as the points leader was transported off the track to be evaluated. 

In the first 250AX Main Event, TiLube Rockford Fosgate Honda's Chris Blose grabbed the holeshot with Team Babbitt's Monster Energy Kawasaki's Jacob Hayes and Motosport Hillsboro Custom Power Sports Gared Steinke following in third. Blose and Hayes were battling it out until about halfway when Hayes made the pass stick on Blose for the lead. Hayes took the first Main Event win with Blose second and Heath Harrison third. 

The second Main Event saw Hayes take the holeshot with Blose close behind and Sportland 2 TZR Racing's Travis Sewell in third. About halfway through the second Main Event, Blose made the move on Hayes for the lead and was on a mission for the overall. Hayes and Blose went into the last Main Event tied for the overall, because Blose took the extra point in the Rocky Mountain ATV MC Head to Head victory. Blose finished ahead of Hayes, and Ryan Breece rounded out the podium.

In the second round of the AX Lites West season, GPF Babbitt's Online rider Ryan Breece took the holeshot and never looked back, leading all 15 laps. His teammate, Isaac Teasdale, quickly moved into second and followed close behind while Yankton Motorsports' Preston Taylor raced his way to his first podium of the 2018 season.

250AX Main Event

1st Chris Blose 2nd 1st
2nd Jacob Hayes 1st 2nd
3rd Ryan Breece 4th 3rd
4th Heath Harrison 3rd 5th
5th Robbie Wageman 7th 6th
6th Kyle Bitterman 6th 7th
7th Daniel Herrlein 11th 4th
8th Isaac Teasdale 8th 9th
9th Travis Sewell 5th 12th
10th Kevin Moranz 9th 10th

AX Lites West Region Main Event

1st Ryan Breece Kawasaki
2nd Isaac Teasdale Kawasaki
3rd Preston Taylor Kawasaki
4th Kevin Moranz KTM
5th Johnny Garcia Honda
6th Robbie Wageman Yamaha
7th Zac Mangum Suzuki
8th Corbin Hayes Yamaha
9th Carson Brown Honda
10th Devin Harriman KTM

250AX Class Championship Standings

1st Chris Blose Honda 42
2nd Jacob Hayes Kawasaki 40
3rd Heath Harrison Honda 29
4th Kyle Bitterman Kawasaki 27
5th Daniel Herrlein KTM 24
6th Garden Steinke Kawasaki 20
7th Travis Sewell Kawasaki 19
8th Gavin Faith Kawasaki 10
9th Shane Sewell Kawasaki 4
10th Jacob Williamson Kawasaki 3

AX Lites West Class Championship Standings

1st Ryan Breece 32
2nd Kevin Moranz 27
3rd Preston Taylor 26
4th Carson Brown 21
5th Johnny Garcia 16
6th Robbie Wageman 11
7th Casey Brennen 11
8th Zac Mangum 10
9th Rookie White 10
10th Devin Harriman 10

AX Lites East Championship Standings

1st Heath Harrison 86
2nd Isaac Teasdale 82
3rd Garrett Marchbanks 47
4th Tanner Basso 33
5th Tanner Ward 33
6th Tanner Stack 32
7th Carter Halpain 29
8th Josh Mosiman 28
9th TJ Albright 26
10th Jeremy Hand 21