Awesome Names You Missed in Last Year’s 250 Pro Motocross Standings


We're deep into research for the coming debut of the 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. While digging into the data, I reviewed the entire list of AMA 250 National Motocross standings from last year, and noted quite a few interesting names just outside of the top 20. For the record, 107 riders qualified for a 250 National and earned a spot in the final rankings (even if they didn't score a point in the motos, they still get ranked in the final standings based on moto finishes). These are the names I deemed the most awesome.

26. Gustavo Souza: Ready to lead a marching band.

29. Mark Worth: Team Green amateur prospect that needs like .0001 percent more and he’ll make it as a pro. Somebody give the man what he’s worth!

30. Joey Crown: Team Green amateur prospect that needs like .0001 percent more and he’ll make it as a pro. Somebody crown the man!

31. Jerry Robin: Jerry gonna Jerry.

40. Dylan Summerlin: His road trips to the Nationals races could literally be called “Summerlin!”

41. Josiah Hempen: A Biblical first name combined with a last name ripe for a Weedmaps sponsorship. Interesting.

51. Deegan Vonlossberg: I know someone who named their son Deegan in honor of Brian Deegan. I then told Brian Deegan this fact, and he calmly replied, “Yeah, we have a list of all the people who did that on our website.” Apparently, this is a popular move. Is Vonlossberg part of that list?

53. Nico Izzi: Never give up, Nico!

54. Coty Schock: If he wins one as a privateer, the headline will practically write itself.

55. McCoy Brough: The Real McCoy, bro.

56. Jimmy Weeks: Got an awesome vlog name built right in.

57. Dakota Kessler: The son of Mickey Kessler, which makes him absolute New Jersey motocross royalty.

58. Pedro Bueno: Seriously, the best name ever.

60. Kele Russell: This is actually not GNCC Champion Kailub Russell, but no doubt many glanced at this name and thought it was. Just like Jeff Pestana and Travis Preston almost being Travis Pastrana back in the nineties.

65. Walter White: Yup. YUP! We can only imagine where the money is coming from to fund his racing.

69. Jarrett Pesci: "Funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you?”

71. Gared Steinke: It’s Stank Dog. I’m not leaving him out of this effing story.

74. Luke Hempen: Wait, ANOTHER Biblical first name combined with a potential hemp sponsorship. What the hell?

95. Michael Norris: He better have a damned “Chuck” buttpatch.