Austin Forkner, Alex Martin Crash GIF


Late in the second moto at Southwick, the 250 overall was turned on its head when Alex Martin (second in the first moto) tried to take the inside going into a corner and ran it in on first-moto winner Austin Forkner. Both went down—Forkner stayed down for a while as he had the breath knocked out of him—and it allowed Dylan Ferrandis to secure the win and the overall.

Here is what Martin had to say in the press conference about the incident:

“Yeah, it doesn’t normally happen to me, but I sat behind [Austin] Forkner. I started eighth in the first moto and tracked him down and was running behind him. I was just kind of like, second moto, it’s going to happen. He was riding strong second moto. He wanted that win real bad. It got to the point with like four laps left where I was like, “Man, I’m going to have to make a serious pass and try and get physical to do something,” because he was still riding pretty strong. I had caught him from probably eight seconds back. Then Dylan was coming as well, so I knew we needed to get going. I had a line picked out in the back, and for a couple laps I thought about it and I finally pulled the trigger. I felt like I had the front wheel kind of on him and he came over and we locked bars and the rest is history. So, on the ground. Luckily I was able to get up in fourth. I hope he’s okay. I went over and apologized to him. Obviously, we don’t mean for those things to happen, but when you’re going for a win at the top level of the sport, sometimes you kind of give her the berries a little too much. All in all, happy to be on the podium in second.”

Anyway, here is a GIF of the crash. Enjoy!