Actually Fun Gift Guide: Renthal


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Look, there’s nothing I could possibly write about any product that sums up a greater benefit than what Renthal has to say about these UltraTacky™ Tapered Series Grips.

“Suitable for use in all conditions, the grip is particularly applicable where riders are looking for increased control of the handlebars.” 

Hmm… when would you be looking for increased control of the handlebars? Perhaps every time you ride, ever?

So, in that case, you might want to look into these grips. The super-sticky rubber compound is combined with Renthal’s soft grips to produce a comfortable and grippy surface. The special sticky compound is said to last the life of the grip, and if it doesn’t, you can renew it by simply washing the grips with clean water and letting them air dry. The rubber pattern features a half waffle over tapered diamond. Even without the super-tacky compound, you’d have a good grip on these grips. Now they’re even grippier!

The grips cost $19.95. To mount them up, Renthal recommends its quick bond grip glue for $8.95. You can find them at renthal.com.

Stickier grips that lead to more control? We can’t think of a single situation in which that would not be a good idea.