Actually Fun Gift Guide: Polisport


Welcome to the 2017 Racer X Online Actually Fun Gift Guide, presented by Ride365.com. We're attempting to make mundane Christmas gift shopping into something cool—starting with the fact that motocross gifts are the best gifts of all. Try Ride365.com to get your shopping list going this year, then check out some other cool products.

In a sport as inherently dangerous as motocross, most of us take extra precaution and wear as much protective gear as possible. Helmets, neck braces, goggles, boots, knee braces, chest protectors, and gloves are all designed to protect our body.

This is all well and good, and honestly, if you need to be told to protect yourself on a dirt bike, you probably shouldn’t be riding said dirt bike. But, when you’re dropping a cool eight-plus Gs on a new bike, why not do everything you can to protect it as well? 

One way is fork protectors. Polisport makes upper fork protectors that they claim will protect your fork tubes from wear and tear. Produced with high-impact resistant plastic, they are great for protecting your forks from rocks and roost.

They fit different diameter-sized tubes (from 50-60mm) and are easy to install and remove. The best part? They retail for just $29.99 on polisport.com. Use your head this year and protect not only your body, but also your bike.