Aaron Plessinger Docked One Positon in San Diego


250SX West Region points leader Aaron Plessinger was docked one position in the main event last night at round six of Monster Energy Supercross, according to the AMA’s official results.

At this time, the AMA has not specified the reason for the penalty, but we suspect it was due to Plessinger cutting the track following his crash in the main event. Plessinger crashed at the end of the whoops section and reentered on the other side, missing the turn.

Plessinger is currently listed in eighth in the final results; Kyle Chisholm is listed in seventh. The difference between seventh and eighth position is one point, with Plessinger scoring 15 on the night.

Plessinger currently holds a four-point lead over Joey Savatgy in the 250SX standings as the West Region enters a more than month long break.