Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sipes, and Kevin Windham on Prepping For 2018 Motocross of Nations


RedBud Track 'n Trail Buchanan, MI Motocross of Nations Motocross of Nations

Team Puerto Rico is real. It’s coming to the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations this weekend at RedBud, and it appears all three riders— “You’ve Got This” Travis Pastrana, jack-of-all-trades Ryan Sipes, and 40-something Kevin Windham—are indeed going to show up and get in the mix on Saturday and Sunday. In a race already guaranteed to get crazy, bringing in three huge fan favorites in an underdog effort is going to raise the stakes even higher!

The team is raising funds for Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Recently, the squad announced they were hooking up with Global Disaster Outreach, and all three riders plan to make a trip to Puerto Rico in December to help wherever possible.

“To have the support of Global Disaster Outreach is huge. With their help, we can be sure the money we raise will go to use where it is needed most. Their experience on the island will help us make a real difference,” Sipes said on the newfound partnership. “We’re dirt bike riders, not builders, but we all talked and we’re not scared to swing a hammer, hand out food, or do whatever is needed.”

This December, Global Disaster Outreach will lead Pastrana, Windham, Sipes, and Johnson on a mission to Puerto Rico to put the funds raised to good use. 

If you want to donate to Team Puerto Rico’s cause—and get some cool stuff—check out teampuertorico2018.com. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. If interested, please contact [email protected] with subject heading: “To Dov Ribnick — Team PR Sponsorship.”

Okay, so we know these boys are raising money for Puerto Rico. But how are they actually going to do in the actual race this weekend? We asked them!

1. What’s your prep been like?

Travis Pastrana: I did a month of physical therapy with Phil Smage at Virginia High Performance just to get my shoulders, knees, right ankle, left wrist, and back to be able to be strong enough to fall over in a corner without breaking off! Then I planned on riding this past month… I made it through two weeks of riding before an old injury flared up. I just started doing 30-minute motos, but I hadn’t really worked on speed much. I’ve spent the past two weeks unable to do anything but ice, elevate, and swim. In short, it was going great, but now I’ve been on the couch for the three weeks leading up to the race and can’t bend my leg far enough to get to the footpeg because of swelling at the moment. But hey, maybe it’s better because at least I’m not completely broken like most predicted! 

Ryan Sipes: Prep has been good. I’ve been able to forget about GNCC, Flat Track, and all the other stuff I’ve been doing this year and actually focus on moto for a few weeks. I feel good! 

Kevin Windham: Tough as hell, but glad to say I’m currently doing two 30s plus two, back to back! 

Pastrana: I thought I was doing okay, but then [Austin] Forkner lapped me in a 20-minute moto at Robbie Reynard’s house. That was depressing. Hopefully a monsoon hits because almost every day I had to practice at home was during a hurricane.

Sipes: I want to be top ten in MX2. Who knows, though? The Euro dudes are legit, so I’ll have to be on it. Racing a 250 with 450s will be different, but I’m pumped for it. We have nothing to lose, right? I’m gonna pin it.

Windham: I’m seriously thinking I’m right around a P-15 guy. Give or take a few spots.

Pastrana: I will spend the weekend either in an ice bath off the track or with my tongue in the spokes on the track. So while “fun” may not be the right word for the weekend to come, this journey has been epic. Being at Reynard’s house and back on a training routine with a purpose has been something I didn’t realize I missed so much. This is an awesome opportunity to hang out with the fans and be a part of the Motocross of Nations one last time. The fact that RJ [Rick Johnson, team manager], Kevin, Ryan, and I are all in this together, all for fun, and all giving everything we have for a good cause, when you add that up, I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend and more proud of this team. We will be out hanging with the crowd all weekend. I’ll be taking everything in and enjoying every second. Come up and say hello, bring your cow bells, and let’s show the world how epic an American MX event can be! 

Sipes: I can’t freakin’ wait! Racing Motocross of Nations has been a dream of mine since I was a little guy. Never got to do it for Team USA, but racing for Team Puerto Rico will be almost just as good. I went to Budds in 2007 and the fans were insane. Being at RedBud, I think this will be even bigger and more insane-er, so I’m fired up. Let’s go!

Windham: This will be the best race I have ever been in being this old, fat, and out of shape. If we stay focused on the goal, it’s gonna be great to do our best in front of a crazy crowd. I love moto fans and I think RedBud, the des Nations, and Team Puerto Rico will bring the best out in them. Bring on the chainsaws! (You know, the ones without the chains that the fans use to get loud.) Bring on the air horns! Bring on the smoke bombs! RedBuuddddd! 

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