2018 Shot Gear Intro


Shot Race Gear held a ride day at LACR Motocross in Palmdale, CA to introduce the media to their 2018 line. The brand has been around since 1993, but made its introduction to North America last year. It’s a European brand that is slowly dipping into the American and Canadian markets. Last year was gear only, this year Shot is offering race gear as well as introductory helmets, boots, and goggles.

They sold out of all their 2017 gear last year so this year they’re offering two lines of their middle range gear called the Contact Venom and Contact Infinite. They are technically the same, with different designs and color ways. Last year the Canadian and US color ways were different, this year they’re the same. Shot’s gear runs in a two-year cycle so this year’s gear is the same as last year, with new color ways. Improvements in Shot Race Gear’s premium race gear, the Aerolite Optica were made though and they include: widening in the knees by 2mm and tapering of the sleeves by 2mm for more of a race fit.

The big news for Shot Race Gear this year is their addition of helmets, boots, and goggles. Each are entry level this year, but are great deals for the quality you get for the price. Anyone shopping on a budget definitely needs to check them out. The Assault goggle with single layer foam runs $29.99 and comes with a bag and extra lens. You can also get a whole roll off system with them for $34.99, what a deal. The Furious helmet comes in two designs with seven and three colors. The helmets are $109 and come with DOT and ECE certifications as well as cheek pull tabs for emergencies. At only 1300 grams, this polycarbonate helmet is a steal. The X11 boots feature molded soles and are $124 black or white and $129 neon colors. After you get decked out head to toe from shot head over to Craigslist for a used two-stroke and you can be at the track or on the trails on a serious budget.