2018 Minneapolis Supercross Event Schedule | Triple Crown Format


The third and final Triple Crown race is set for this weekend at round 14 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The format, which Feld Motor Sports debuted for the 2018 season, has been met with mixed reviews from fans. As with anything, some love it and others hate it.

Remember, the format did change from the first round at Anaheim 2. Like we saw in Atlanta, the first 250 and 450 main events have been extended by two minutes. So, instead of six (250) and eight (450) minute races like we saw at A2, they will now be eight (250) and ten (450) minutes. The rest of the format will remain unchanged, with second main events being 10 (250) and 12 (450) minutes and the third main events being 12 (250) and 15 (450) minutes. 

Remember, the fastest 18 riders in timed qualifying from each class make the mains. Then each class has an LCQ late in the afternoon to determine the final four gate entries into the mains. 

If you don’t understand how it all works, we did a FAQ earlier this year.

Below is the event schedule for the weekend.