Photos by Daryl Ecklund

Hungry? The Troy Lee boys had their own chief on hand.

Geoff Aaron10-time trials champ Geoff Aaron put on an awesome show for the crowd. Watch his performance below.

 american flagAmerican proud.
 Ken RoczenKen Roczen was out walking around and signing autographs for fans.
 Colton HaakerWe have to get credit the current Endurocross champ Colton Haaker for coming out on his Eundro Husky 450 and giving the quarter mile Supercross track a go. He looked good.
 Alex MartinAlex Martin tries to make up time on Josh Hill by throwing a huge scrub.
 Josh Hill AltaJosh Hill looked great on the electric Alta. He beat some good guys in qualifying, but had some tough luck in the night show.
   Shane McElrathShane McElrath was dominate once again.
 Ronnie MacSome might say Ronnie’s competition wasn’t taking him seriously early in the day. That all stopped when he started beating everyone. 

Ryan Villopoto It was awesome to see Ryan Villopoto back on the bike. He looked great in practice and qualifying. It looked like the nerves might have got to him when the real racing started. 

Broc TickleBroc Tickle looked like he was riding conservatively. Good for him. The race means nothing in the big scheme of things.
  Alex MartinAlex Martin.
 Ryan Villopoto Ryan Villopoto on his SR250 smoker.
  Ryan Villopoto Ryan Villopoto verses Ryan Sipes. Ryan was the fastest qualifier in the 250F and two-stroke class all on his TC250.  

The Red Bull air force made some surprise landings.
 The ankle fireworks just keep on going.
  Marvin MusquinMarvin took the race seriously. We wanted to win and he did. Two years in a row. 
 Marvin MusquinMarvin dragging foot peg.
 Marvin MusquinMarvin the earth mover.
 The only rider to out do Marvin’s scrub’s was Sean Cantrell. They were impressive. But scrubs don’t win races.
  Shane McElrath against teammate Alex Martin.
 Sean “Scrub City” Cantrell beat out Ryan Sipes with this scrub.
  When they switched lanes Sean pulled the same move on Ryan, again.
 Marvin MusquinMarvin with wrench Frankie Latham.
  The let down when Gared Steinke beat Ryan Villopoto.  

Ronnie MacRonnie didn’t disappoint. 
  “The Hulk” Tyler Bowers up against Kyle Chisholm. Kyle beat out Tyler.
 Where the battle begins.
  Josh HansonJosh Hanson got a bike last minute and rode well the entire night beating out Broc Tickle for 2nd overall.
 Broc TickleBroc Tickle inching out Alex Ray.
   Josh Hill with an early lead on Alex Martin.
   Brazil’s young Enzo Lopes (left) hit the US hard by racing both the Monster Cup and Straight Rhythm.
 Ronnie Mac“The Mac” versus Shane McElrath.
 Ronnie MacRonnie and his mechanic. Some might call him his twin brother.
  gared steinkeMike BrownMike Brown against Gared Steinke in the two-stroke class. 
 Ryan VillopotoRyan Villopoto.
 Trey CanardTrey Canard was working the event.

 gared steinkeGared Steinke and Mike Brown switch lanes. Gared won both runs.

Ryan Villopoto up against Mike Sleeter.

 Ronnie Mac“The Mac” scrub.
   Jade DungeyBroc Tickle’s mechanic Jade Dungey. Yes he is related to Ryan Dungey if you didn’t know.
    Mike BrownBrownie checking out the track before go time.
 Broc TickleThe race steed.
 Josh HansonJosh Hanson.
 Marvin MusquinMarvin Musquin throwing roost. 

For more photos of two-strokes and practice check out the Red Bull Straight Rhythm gallery we put up the day of the race.