WHAT IS IT? The MXA wrecking crew has had an incredibly long relationship with TM Designworks. The “TM” in TM Designworks stand for Tim McGarry. Tim first rose to fame in the 1970s by building cone pipes for hot-rod two-strokes under the name Crotch Rocket Factory (CRF). CRF may have disappeared, but Tim McGarry didn’t. Tired of seeing chains eat through the questionable chain guides on production bikes, Tim set out to find a material that could take abuse—and he found it, spawning lots of copycats in the process. The new Factory Edition SX model is his latest creation.

WHAT’S IT COST? $79.00 (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki), $89.95 (for KTM/Husqvarna/Sherco).

CONTACT? www.tmdesignworks.com or call (541) 772-4161.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with TM Designworks’ Factory Edition SX rear chain guide.

(1) Improved design. It’s no secret that if you start with a five-star design and keep developing it, tweaking it and refining it, you will eventually achieve perfection. The Factory Edition SX chain guide is an updated version of the GP motocross rear chain guide, which was based on the success of Tim’s original Slide-N-Glide chain guide kit. The Factory Edition SX guide has been seriously upgraded over the previous models. First, the body of the guide has been narrowed to reduce the chance of dragging inside ruts or berms. Second, ground clearance has been raised to avoid unnecessary contact. Third, TM’s latest plastic compound has an oil additive that reduces friction. Fourth, the plastic has impact return memory so that if it does hit something on the track or in a crash, it returns to its original shape. Fifth, the chain-wear block and the side plates have a longer, sleeker shape to guide the chain more securely. Sixth, the Factory Edition SX chain guide’s angle has been aligned so that it can easily accept gearing changes of up to two teeth without affecting chain-block wear.

(2) Options. The top of TM Designworks chain guide line is the Factory Edition SX at $79 to $89, depending on the brand. Below that comes the Factory Edition #1 solid-block chain guide for $74.95, then the Factory Edition #2 (with replaceable wear pad) for $89.95, followed by the Dirt Cross (with slip-in rub block) for $62.95, and finally the Dirt Cross chain guide shell only (that uses the stock rub block) for $42.95. Of course, TM Designworks offers minicycle chain guides, accessory wear pads, swingarm buffer pads and chain rollers.

(3) Durability. The MXA wrecking crew has eaten through so many Kawasaki and Suzuki chain guides that we don’t wait for them to wear out anymore; we replace them with a TM Designworks unit while the bike and chain are still new. It saves trouble and avoids costly repairs as steel meets steel. Other brands aren’t as bad as green and yellow, but they are not as good as TM Designworks.

(4) Installation. If you are replacing a worn-out stock chain guide, you should note that the chain tension will get tighter when you install a new chain guide. Installing the Factory Edition SX chain guide is simple—no need to break the chain. There is also a one-year, unconditional guarantee on all parts.

(5) Colors. TM Designworks Factory Edition SX rear chain guides are offered in a rainbow of colors, including red, black, orange, green, yellow, Husky dark blue, Swedish blue and Sherco purple-blue.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

MXA RATING: An awesome product from the day it was released, and it just keeps getting better. Spend money on foof—but only after you’ve protected your chain.