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WHAT IS IT? Scalvini pipes are unique in that they are handmade cone pipes that hark back to the glory days of factory two-strokes. They are expertly welded in Italy by a team of experienced artisans.

WHAT’S IT COST? $329.00 (cone pipe), $175.00 (aluminum silencer with carbon tip), $247.00 (full carbon fiber silencer).

CONTACT? www.scalvinipipes.com or (760) 949-0941.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 2017 Scalvini KTM/Husky 250 two-stroke cone pipe and silencer.

(1) Installation. In the past, we have had some issues installing Scalvini exhaust systems. We were always able to get the system on and off, but not without some serious time and frustration on our end. But, the past is the past. Scalvini has turned over a new leaf; its 2017 KTM/Husky pipe slipped on with ease. The silencer’s P-clamp hanger design is lightweight and practical, with all the hardware needed in the box. The stock silencer mounts in two places, but the Scalvini only needs to be mounted in one (use the rear mounting point). We do wish new O-rings came with the pipe. If the O-rings on your stock pipe are damaged, you will have to stop working on your bike and go to your local dealer to get the necessary parts. Overall, we were happy with how the Scalvini pipe and silencer mated to the KTM/Husky 250 two-stroke.

(2) Construction. Cone pipes, like the Scalvini, are a rare breed in modern times. They are labor-intensive to make, as each of the steel segments must be cut, trimmed, rounded and welded together to create the desired shape of the expansion chamber. Scalvini saves some work by using a stamped head pipe for the first and most difficult section.

(3) Stock trim. The 2017 Austrian 250 two-strokes are head over heels better than their predecessors. But, for some, the bike can be a handful. It hits hard in the middle, signs off fast and then falls on its face. The powerband needs to be more usable for mere mortals.


(4) Performance. The Scalvini system is the best-looking system on the market. The Scalvini gave up some on the bottom but had a smooth transition into the mid with a strong pull all the way to the top. Over-rev was much better with the Scalvini than with the stock pipe. This helped lengthen the shift points from gear to gear, which made the bike easier to ride. This is not an overly fast pipe, but it gives the 250SX and TC250 power where they need it, making them easier to ride. Sometimes that is more important than sheer power.

(5) Tuning. We ran the Scalvini cone pipe and silencer with 91-octane pump gas. The bike ran just as well as it did with the stock exhaust. We were pleased that no tuning was needed.

(6) Options. Scalvini also offers a full-carbon silencer for $72 more than the aluminum silencer, which is the one we tested. We suggest the aluminum silencer if you are looking for increased longevity. We have not had any issues with the Scalvini full-carbon silencer, but we almost always have issues with full-carbon fiber silencers in terms of durability.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We have two quibbles. (1) Scalvini did not include replacement O-rings with the pipe. This is not an issue unless the OEM O-rings are damaged. (2) We would like the bottom end to be a little more powerful to take some pressure off the clutch out of corners.

MXA RATING: The Scalvini pipe is not the best-performing 250SX or TC250 pipe on the market, but there are times when usability trumps power. The Scalvini makes the Husky and KTM two-strokes easier to ride by adding more mid, top and over-rev.