0Q7A7398WHAT IS IT? The EKS Brand GOX EKS-S goggle has all the great features of their lower-line goggle, with added features like the nose guard and outrigger system.

WHAT’S IT COST? $64.99.

CONTACT? (818) 706-1700 or www.eksbrand.com.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the EKS Brand GOX EKS-S goggle.

(1)  Frame. Made from a soft polyurethane blend, the new GOX EKS-S frame gently conforms to the face. It has five tabs to secure the tear-offs, as well as a post built into the mold removing the need for an extra clip attached to your goggle strap. The goggle comes with a detachable nose guard as well. It has a four-layer face foam that is one of the most effective sweat-absorbing foams out there. The venting system has improved, and the new goggle had no problems fitting in various test helmets.

(2) Lenses. EKS Brand lenses are shatter-resistant, anti-scratch and anti-fog-coated. The same polycarbonate lens is used throughout the entire EKS brand line, offering 15 different tints. One of the cool new features is with the Fit Force outrigger frame system. This system allows the tearoffs to tuck under the frame to help keep the tearoffs tight against the lens, helping debris from going between the tearoffs and the lens. EKS Brand tearoffs come in 10-pack, 20-pack, 50-pack and laminated.

(3) Vision. With all the new bells and whistles, the outriggers are tucked out of sight, so the new goggle did not hinder peripheral vision any more than previous models did. There are some goggles that have better peripheral vision, but run a bit on the big side, making them a tight squeeze in some brands of helmets. The MXA crew felt the new GOX EKS-S goggle has an excellent field of view.

(4) Comfort. One of the worst complaints from MXA test riders is that a goggle frame feels too rigid. This rigidness seems to make the frame of the goggle ride up on your cheeks, putting pressure on your eye socket or making its presence known. Thankfully, the GOX EKS-S goggle has a flexible frame that adapts well to a majority of faces, allowing the seal to keep dirt and sweat out of the eyes and to help keep the rider’s concentration on the track. Being able to pull the goggle strap to the desired pressure on your face allows for a personal fit. The wide strap and three squiggly lines of sticky silicone help keep the goggles in place, so you don’t have to worry about them moving around on your helmet.

(5) Durability. The GOX EKS-S goggle has been tested and worn by some of the top Supercross and motocross riders, along with world-renowned offroad riders. The overall consensus is that this goggle is as durable as anything on the market today. Our MXA test riders have put them through the test of washing machines, hand washing in buckets and exposed to multiple kinds of debris in different riding conditions. We had no issues with the new outriggers or nose guard during testing. No matter what foam is used, it will wear out over time as sweat breaks foam down.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The only issue we had when testing is that some MXA test riders would pull the nose guards out with force, breaking the pins that slip into the goggle frame. This made the nose guard useless. When removing the nosepiece, you have to be extra gentle pulling the pins out of the goggle as they are easy to break off.

MXA RATING: Just like all the EKS Brand goggles we have tested in the past, we feel that for the looks, performance and quality, the EKS-S goggle is a bargain.

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