HONDA As of this week and weeks past, you can show up to any local track in Southern California to find most of the AMA’s top pros in preparation for the upcoming outdoor series of which is only 3 weeks away. Yesterday, we rolled int SoCal’s own Pala Raceway in San Diego County on to do some testing of our own, but little did we know it would be a complete stopwatch national for the pro’s, as well as some of the top amateur athletes. Here’s who we saw.

Photo’s by Spencer Owens.

Garrett MarchbanksMonster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s newest recruit, Garrett Marchbanks will be making his pro debut at Hangtown in just a couple of weeks.

Dean WilsonDean Wilson was looking smooth as he tried to clear the big “wall jump”. 

Cole ThompsonCanadian Cole Thompson was in attendance as well.

Michael MosimanMichael Mosiman sure knows the true meaning of “turn down”.

Brian MeridiosOur test rider Brian Meridios kicks off wheelie Wednesday in style.

Christian Craig looks to be feeling great on his HRC ride for the summer.

Talon HawkinsMonster Energy’s 85cc Supermini prodigy Talon Hawkins.

Jordon SmithFresh off a second place in Foxborough, Jordon Smith showed up to do some outdoor prep.

Weston PeickWeston Peick just might be a contender in the Pro Motocross series.

Alex Martin“Eye of the Tiger” featuring Alex Martin.

Axel HodgesMonster Energy’s Axel Hodges was in attendance.

Dean WilsonDean Wilson always manages to find the “low line”.

Rj HampshireIts been awhile since we’ve seen Rj Hampshire since his nasty get off in Daytona.

Sean CantrellSean Cantrell did quite excellent last year in outdoors. How will he do this year?

Garrett MarchbanksGarrett Marchbanks might light the world on fire in his pro debut.

Christian CraigChristian Craig breaking in that loose dirt.

Michael MosimanWe hope Michael Mosiman was wearing a chest protector. That’ll hurt.

Josh VarezeOrange Bridgade KTM’s Supermini contender Josh Varieze.

Alex MartinAlex Martin loved the Pala sand.

Christian CraigMore low line madness with Christian Craig.

Peirce BrownTLD Red Bull KTM’s Peirce Brown will be Turing pro in 2020.

Dean WilsonDean Wilson will be one to watch as well this summer.

KTM Canada’s Kaven Benoit was doing some testing.

Garrett MarchbanksPala was a stacked one. Keep on the lookout for more outdoor prep galleries right here, on motocrossactionmag.com!