1995 VIENNA 125 SUPERCROSS: RONNIE, BADER & COOP|Motocross Action Magazine


Back in the 1980s and 1990s, traveling Americans could make a lot of off-season money racing the big European events like the Paris Supercross, Dutch Supercross, and various one-off events. And they could get boatloads of start money. Jeremy McGrath was offered a reported $100,000 in start money just for Paris. But it wasn’t just the big events, the lack of available stadiums in Europe during the winter meant that small Supercross races were tucked Velodrome, this aspect of the sport was called Hardcross. It got its name because the track’s obstacles were made of wood, concrete or metal. This video was shot at the 1995 Vienna Hardcross in Austria. It is significant only because and American didn’t win—an Austrian on a pink bike took the victory.

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