Works Connection No Air Loss Adaptor Review


Making sure your bike is set up is crucial before heading out on the track or trail. The simple prep routine most riders follow is filling up with fuel, checking tire pressure, lubing the chain, and warming the bike up. However, if your bike is equipped with an air fork, you have one more box to check before getting your moto on. Air fork pressure can change from the last time you checked it. Therefore, making sure it’s set where you want it before every ride will lead to a more consistent and better riding experience. For an improved maintenance experience off the track or trail, the Works Connection No Air Loss Adaptor makes setting fork air pressure easy and painless.

The Schrader valves, located at the top of the fork and underneath the handlebar, can be tough to access. The No Air Loss Adaptor conveniently wiggles its way below the bar and easily screws onto the Schrader valve. It works with all Schrader-type pumps, which screw onto the top of the No Air Loss Adaptor. We regularly use Works Connection’s Digital Shock Pump to go along with the No Loss Air Adaptor, and did so for this review.

Once both pieces are secured to each other as well as the fork Schrader valve, the Digital Shock Pump screen displays the air pressure in the fork. You can add air by using the pump, or decrease pressure by pressing the micro-adjust air bleed button located just below the screen. With the air pressure below 100 psi, it measures in increments of 0.5 psi, while anything above 100 psi is measured in increments of 1.0 psi.

In addition to the Schrader valves on the top of the fork being difficult to access, it’s not uncommon to have some air escape from the fork when detaching an air pump from the Schrader valve, thereby decreasing the air pressure. As the name suggests, the Works Connection No Loss Air Adaptor prevents air from flowing out when taking it off the fork, providing a consistently accurate reading.

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As with all of the Works Connection products we’ve tested, the No Air Loss Adaptor works excellently and is reasonably priced at $29.95. If you have a bike with an air fork and want to make sure the pressure is accurate, Works Connection’s No Air Loss Adaptor is a great product to have in your toolbox.

Rated: 95

Installation 18/20
Function 50/50
Durability 9/10
Design 10/10
Price 8/10 |   

Contact: worksconnection.com; (530) 642-9488