Riding Technique For EnduroCross - Loose Rock Garden


This article was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Dirt Rider.

An EnduroCross race just wouldn’t be the same without the rock garden. We’ve seen some incredibly tough boulder fields laid out on the courses over the years, and many times the race can be won or lost in this difficult part of the racetrack. During a visit to FMF KTM Red Bull Racing’s Cody Webb’s personal EnduroCross track in Northern California, we asked the three-time AMA EnduroCross champion and recently crowned SuperEnduro World Champion to tell us how he blazes through the rocks with incredible speed and finesse each and every lap. Webb grew up competing in mototrials events and was even crowned the 2010 MotoTrials National Champion, so rocks are an obstacle he knows very well. Check out the tips below to find out the best and most effective ways to get through the rocks as quickly and easily as possible.

Tip: Keep the front end light and your feet on the pegs. If you dab or end up sitting down it’s really difficult to build your momentum again. If you get hung up in the rocks it’s crucial that you at least try to keep one foot on the peg at all times, and it’s really helpful to, as you dab, weight that peg and keep pushing along to keep momentum going. If I sit down I’ll put weight on the seat to get out of something, but I always try to stand up again as soon as possible because I’m in more control standing. If you’re sitting down it’s just a direct line of travel through your butt and through your back and you’re just working against yourself. Sure, you’re getting a lot of traction, but you’re not working with the bike. It’ll be hitting you and it’s out of sync and not balanced. And if you have a foot on the peg and you’re pushing, that kind of lets the bike do its thing and crawl through like a caterpillar [laughs].