Motos On The 2018 Honda CRF450R


Primary Use: Motocross

Main Mods: Yamaha OEM handlebar, ODI bar mounts, and soft-compound ODI Lock-On grips

Moment of Glory: Terrorizing my friends on the vet track at Milestone MX Park…

Forgettable Experience: Having to repair three flats on three consecutive days of riding

Hours: 31

Aftermath: Three Twin Air air filters, two oil changes, one oil filter change, one set of rear brake pads, one Dunlop MX3S front and rear tire, one rear sprocket, one chain, and one set of clutch plates

I put three more hours on the 2018 Honda CRF450R in the past month and haven’t made any major modifications to the bike since my last Long Haul update. I only installed a few parts that needed to be replaced. The bike now has 31 hours and still looks and feels fresh.

I mainly rode at Milestone MX Park. They changed both the main track and vet track and the dirt has been especially good with the rain and cooler weather in Southern California. The more I ride it, the more I’m able to appreciate the overall power of the CRF450R. I’m also happy with the power delivery and am getting more comfortable riding the 450 on smaller and tighter tracks.

I replaced the ODI Podium Flight MX bar I installed last month with a lower-profile bar. I really liked the bar on the Yamahas during the shootouts we did, so I installed an OEM Yamaha bar, the same bar that comes stock on a YZ250F and YZ450F. It feels better for my smaller height in the corners and made the bike handle even better than it had with the stock Honda bar or the ODI bar.

I also replaced the chain, front tire, and clutch plates. The clutch was beginning to slip, and when I removed the plates, the thin clutch plate near the spring seat and judder spring was broken in three pieces, which was why I opted to use seven regular plates.

I’ll keep you posted of the progress next month!