Moto-Mirth And Merriment At The Team SRT Challenge


For the fifth consecutive year, Craig Thompson summoned all of SRT Husqvarna’s riders for the Team SRT Challenge. It was held in Central California this year, though the early spring conditions made the two-day event feel very un-California-like. With guys like Cory Graffunder, Trystan Hart, and Kyle Redmond on the squad, SRT definitely has some heavy hitters, but it’s “Wild” Wally Palmer who makes the show doubly entertaining.

While Thompson uses the event to ostensibly gather everyone together for team photos, the Challenge is the main focus. Over the two days, everyone ran through seven “special tests.” Day one included five laps of a circle-rut track, a lap of a motocross-type track, a lap on a European grass-track-style “grand prix” course, and a man-on-man elimination-style drag race. Day two featured two point-to-point enduro tests followed by an observed trials section on mountain trails not far from Yosemite National Park. After that, it was time to just ride until snow made the trail impassable, followed by an awards presentation at a local pizza joint.