More Laps On The 2018 Suzuki RM-Z250


After two months of testing the Suzuki RM-Z250 and playing around with the air pressure in the KYB PSF2 fork, I’ve developed a good base setting for my bike. Recently, I’ve been burning laps at Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California, and have developed a good setup for this specific track. However, the fork seems to have a small window for an ideal setting. After a mild rain here in Southern California, I headed to Milestone to indulge in the muddy conditions. After doing a moto, I quickly realized the bike was not nearly as compliant as it normally was.I headed back to my truck and adjusted one thing at a time.

The first thing I adjusted was the air pressure in the fork using a Works Connection Air Fork Pump and No Loss Air Adaptor. I dropped the pressure from 32 psi, which is what I normally run, to 30. I hoped the fork would fall a little further into the stroke and absorb the rough stuff a little better; sure enough, the softer setting improved the sharp feedback delivered into the bar. I found that when the track is freshly prepped, the RM-Z feels right at home when running 32 psi in the fork, and dropping it to 30 works well when it gets rougher as the day wears on.

With a handful of laps under my belt with the new fork setting, it was clear that I was headed in the right direction with a softer set up, but I hadn’t fully regained confidence in the bike.

Once I found a happy medium with the fork, I played around with tire pressure. I dropped it from 13 psi to 12, and eventually down to 11 in both the front and rear tire. This gained the little extra cushion I needed to attack braking bumps and acceleration chop without becoming tired.

The yellow machine settles well in corners and offers a smooth transition when landing off a jump. With a comfortable suspension setup as well as a nimble chassis, the RM-Z250 effortlessly carves through corners. After putting a handful of hours on the bike, it received an oil and oil filter change as well as a new DT1 air filter. The RM-Z250 has two drain plugs on the bottom of engine—one is a 12mm bolt and the other a 14. Once the oil was drained, I installed a new K&N filter and filled the bike with 900 milliliters of Maxima Pro Plus 10w-40. Lastly, I threw in a freshly oiled DT1 air filter.

Now that the bike has been serviced, it’s time to get back out to the track and burn some gas.