Max Gerston’s Beta 350 RR EnduroCross Race Machine


Team Name: Beta USA
Team Manager: Rodney Smith
Max Gerston’s Technician: Jason Hurst

If you’ve been to an EnduroCross race and spotted a rider cruising the pits in a large cowboy hat and an ear-to-ear grin, chances are good it’s Beta rider Max Gerston. That signature cowboy hat comes in handy when living in the harsh Arizona sun.

Max’s specially prepped 2018 Beta 350 RR-Race Edition EnduroCross racebike has some special tweaks and modifications that aren’t visible to the naked eye. To get more midrange power, the cylinder head is flow-tested then ported and massaged. The 2018 Beta 350 uses two injectors (as does Max’s racebike), one in the throttle body and one in the airboot, to further boost power and response. Deep inside the four-stroke 350cc engine, the transmission has been relieved of all but two gears, leaving Max with only two simple choices when it comes to what gear he wants to ride in: first or second. Handling exhaust duties is an FMF PowerBomb header with an FMF Powercore muffler. Samco silicone hoses handle moving coolant to and from the radiators. A Rekluse manual clutch transfers all the power of the 350 to the Talon sprockets and Regina chain. Keeping the chain in place is a BRP chain guide. The brake rotors are InnTeck while the calipers are stock. Super-sharp IMS pegs help ensure Max’s boots stay glued to the bike in all conditions while ODI grips help him hold on. A G2 Ergonomics throttle tube, with a stock ratio, operates the throttle body.

Traction is provided by Kenda with a Washougal II (dual compound) up front and a factory Kenda spec tire on the back. Inside the Kenda tires are Nitro Mousse bibs modified for EnduroCross to provide as much flex to the tire as possible. The wheels are built and supplied by Dubya using Talon hubs and D.I.D rims, and Motion Pro light rim locks help reduce overall weight. Further reducing weight is the use of titanium bolts in the engine and chassis. The titanium bolts save nearly a pound in weight total. A lightweight MotoBatt battery saves even more weight. Bullet Proof Designs provides protection for the radiators and rear brake rotor. Max prefers ARC thin levers over stock and welcomes the added grip of the Seat Concepts saddle. HBD MotoGrafx custom graphics complete the factory look of the factory Beta 350.

Max Gerston's EnduroCross Suspension Tips

The suspension tuning is handled by Bryce Rivera at Beta Factory Suspension, all done in-house at Beta USA in Paso Robles, California. Beta has a new program where it can customize your suspension as well through its Beta Factory Suspension. Max uses the same settings for EnduroCross as he does for his hare & hound racebike. Like most riders, he needs the suspension to be pretty stiff at the end of the travel to handle hitting objects at speed and with aggression.

Make sure to say hello to the rider in the cowboy hat at your next EnduroCross event; he is one of the nicest guys in the pits.