Dunlop Releases New MX33 Tire


Dunlop has unveiled its newest motocross tire, the MX33, which replaces the MX3S as the brand’s flagship motocross tire. The MX3S was well-received by many, and not only by motocross riders, but any rider looking for a tire that works well in a variety of conditions. As with any motorcycle part, with high performance comes greater wear and tear, and even though the MX3S lasted a long time for how well it performed, Dunlop sought to create a new tire that offers better grip than the MX3S with even better durability. With those goals in mind, it created the all-new MX33 tire.

The MX33 features new technologies in construction, compound, and tread pattern. The tire is designed to work best in soft to intermediate terrain and is available for bike sizes from 50cc to 450cc, including a new 120/90-19 size. The MX33 uses a new rubber compound with a higher molecular weight polymer designed to improve durability along with a new carbon micro-particle intended to increase grip.

A new technology featured on the tire is Multiple Block Distribution, with more knobs on the shoulders and center of the tires. For example, the MX33 has 33 knobs in the center whereas the MX3S had 30, and the MX33 features 39 knobs on the middle to shoulder area of the tire whereas the MX3S had 36. Multiple Block Distribution also varies the height and angles of the knobs within the tread pattern and the combination of these changes allow for more biting edges that are designed to improve traction.

A feature that was used on the MX3S and returns on the MX33 is Block-In-A-Block technology, and Dunlop is using this technology for the first time on a front tire with the MX33 as well. Dunlop has changed the shape of the interior block to a new diamond shape that is larger, adds more surface area, and adds two additional angles designed to further increase traction.

The MX33 has new components under the tread with a revised construction of the front and rear tire that features a taller and thinner apex known as Advanced Apex Design, which only applies to the 18-inch, 19-inch, and 21-inch sized tires. It uses the same sidewall material as the MX3S but is now distributed in a slimmer, yet taller apex. This technology is designed to deliver superior shock absorption, uniform rigidity in the sidewall, a smoother ride, and a firmer feel.

The final new feature on the MX33 is the Carcass Tension Control System. This is a new design that optimizes the distribution of tension of the components so the tire absorbs more shock, but flexes when necessary to smooth out ride characteristics, which is designed to allow the bike to track in a straighter line.

Dunlop invited us to its introduction of this tire at Zaca Station MX in Los Olivos, California. The Central California track is well-known for its loamy dirt, great scenery, and fun layout; an ideal place to test an all-new motocross tire. Upon arrival, Dunlop installed the MX33 tires on our 2018 Honda CRF250R testbike and we didn’t waste any time gearing up to ride the perfectly groomed track that awaited us.

Zaca Station is different than most tracks in Southern California (except for right after a good rain) as the dirt is very deep and loamy, especially at the beginning of the day. The tires hooked up wonderfully in the chocolate cake-like dirt, but it wasn’t until the track developed some ruts and a few harder-packed areas that we were able to conduct more of a direct comparison to the MX3S; we normally ride and test in conditions that aren’t quite as loamy as Zaca. After riding the track once it broke in, we noticed the front tire had increased traction in the hardpack, most notably when leaning the bike over in corners, which we were very pleased with. The rear hooked up great as well and felt very similar to the MX3S that we are so fond of.

In addition to maintaining an abundant amount of traction in everything from loam to hardpack, the front and rear tire held up well through the entire day; after an hour and a half of motos, both tires still looked almost brand new, even the rear. The durability of the MX33 tires will require more riding time, but we can safely say we are pleased with how well they held up after a day of motos. All told, we’re pleased with the new MX33 tires and will be riding them more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for our full review to read about how they hold up and perform on several different tracks and dirt types.