Ben Spies Talks Off-Road Motorcycle Racing


Three-time AMA Superbike and 2009 World Superbike champion Ben Spies announced in November that he was returning to racing, though not on pavement. Instead, the 33-year-old Texan said he planned to contest the nine-round AMA National Enduro Series.

While some might consider moving from pavement to off-road a somewhat strange decision, Spies explained that he grew up riding dirt bikes in east Texas and didn’t think the transition from asphalt to dirt would be terribly difficult.

Just as he was preparing to travel to the opening round, however, Spies crashed at his riding area and suffered a number of injuries, including several broken bones and a collapsed lung. Now nearly recovered, Spies is hoping to join this series later this summer.

As for his expectations, Spies said, “When I was in my prime, everything was good and we won a lot. I was quick, for sure—top five in the world for a few years. I’ve been riding dirt long enough to know there are some super-talented boys, but I love the enduro stuff.

“I went to Zinc Ranch last year—my first-ever national enduro. I was 28th overall. I had fun, but then you see what those Baylor boys and Thad Duvall do; it’s like, okay, those guys can ride. If I ever get a top 15, that would be a win for me.”