2019 Off-Road Factory Racebikes—Quinn Wentzel’s Husqvarna TE 300


Quinn Wentzel is quickly becoming one of the top Hard Enduro specialists in America. The Canfield, Ohio, resident spent most of his riding career competing in the US MotoTrials series, and in the past few years, while still competing in trials, has been making the transition to Hard Enduro.

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In 2019, Wentzel is concentrating on Hard Enduro, and more specifically is honing in on the American Hard Enduro series. He’ll also race some AMA EnduroCross rounds that don’t conflict with the extreme races. At the recent RevLimiter Extreme Enduro in Decatur, Texas, we spoke with Wentzel, who gave us some insight on the modifications he does to his bike.

Wentzel’s 2018 Husqvarna TE 300 is supplied by Beaver Creek Cycle of Lisbon, Ohio. It’s worth noting that 2018 was the last year Husqvarna produced the TE 300 carbureted model, as the 2019 machine is fuel injected and was renamed TE 300i.

Wentzel uses a Lectron carburetor, which eliminates the need for jetting adjustments. The tuning is all done with the slide of the carburetor. “The Lectron is something that I got used to very quick,” Wentzel said. “The bottom-end is really good on it, [which is beneficial] for the extreme stuff. I think [the Lectron] is better than the Mikuni because those are hard to tune. [The Lectron] is smoother, and it doesn’t spit and sputter as bad.”

Wentzel runs an FMF Gnarly header pipe with an FMF Titanium 2.1 Powercore silencer, Dubya wheels, a Rekluse manual clutch, and a Husqvarna PowerParts radiator fan, which he says, “Is a huge must in extreme enduro.”

The WP suspension is set up by Stillwell Performance. According to Wentzel, Stillwell’s setup really plushens it up. “We softened it up in the front and rear to make it a good balance for the fast stuff too, because there’s fast stuff in all extreme enduros. [We] made it able to handle the gnarly, choppy bumps a lot better too.”

As far as protection goes, an SXS skid plate is used along with Bullet Proof Designs radiator guards and swingarm guards. Wentzel likes the XC Gear handlebar clamps, specifically the Mako 360 unit with the red polymer, which helps reduce vibration and absorbs big hits. As far as tires, he uses Vee Rubber Tackee tires. Wentzel also uses S3 Curve Enduro footpegs, which are available from Ryan Young Products. The graphics are done by Dynamic Designs Graphics, which is Wentzel’s own company.