2018 Prescott Valley EnduroCross Photo Finish


FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Cody Webb claimed his first win of the 2018 EnduroCross season at round 1 in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Including last year, Webb has won seven consecutive main events and holds the red plate heading into the second round of the series.

“The first round of EnduroCross for 2018 ended up being really exciting,” Webb said. “So much carnage and a really slippery main event made it treacherous almost every lap. I’m really happy with the setup on my bike so far this season. You know, I didn’t have much time on the bike leading into the race so to come away with a win like that, I was really happy. I’m excited to get better physically and get more in sync with the bike and see how the rest of the season goes.”

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker battled for the lead with Webb for the majority of the 19-lap race, but got held up by lapped riders several times and then crashed in the uphill rock section, which put him in second place for the evening.

“The track was really slippery tonight,” Haaker said. “A lot of water got dragged around the whole course, so we lapped a lot of riders. Cody lost out on some lappers and I got into the lead, then I lost out on some lappers again, and it ended with me in second. It was a brutal one. I am looking forward to Costa Mesa with an outdoor arena and maybe a little more room.”

SRT Husqvarna’s Trystan Hart was as far back as ninth at the completion of lap one, but worked his way to third place and maintained it to the finish.

“I had a good start and then got shuffled back in the rocks on the first lap,” Hart said. “When I got into third, I took the No Joke lane and knew that I was in third. I saw the halfway mark and thought it should have been just about over, so it was a tough race. But in the end, I got third, so it was a good day.”

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Cody Webb KTM 26
2 Colton Haaker Husqvarna 24
3 Trystan Hart Husqvarna 20
4 Kyle Redmond Husqvarna 18
5 Ty Cullins Beta 16
6 Geoff Aaron GasGas 15
7 Ty Tremaine Alta 14
8 Max Gerston Beta 13
9 Cooper Abbott KTM 12
10 Noah Kepple GasGas 11