2018 Alta Redshift EX - FIRST LOOK


There is something unprecedented going on here with the Alta Redshift EX. No, it’s not because it is a street-legal, electric dirt bike. It is unprecedented to have a closed-course, competition-only model become a street-legal machine with so little work. You don’t see any of the Japanese manufactures turning their MX bikes into dual-sports. The European makers are closer but they are typically off-road bikes going to a road-ready version. The Alta Redshift EX is unchanged from the MX, other than softer suspension settings and the necessary street legal hardware (lights, blinkers, horn, mirrors). Being an electric bike has its advantages here. There is no extra hoops to jump through with CARB or the EPA. No massive exhaust can to put on, no evap canister to hide somewhere, and no noise regulations that come close to being surpassed.

This is a First Look—we do have a bike in our possession and now that the 250F shootout is over, we can turn our attention to our off-road bikes, but we haven’t ridden it yet. Yet, since nearly everything should be the same as the Redshift MX, check out our first ride video on that bike here:

What we are trying to do with this post is basically let you know this bike exists. We’ve talked to a lot of industry folks lately who didn’t even know the Redshift EX was on the market. The following is a photo gallery of the pieces that make up the Redshift and some action shots of Alta testers, including Tarah Gieger.