Vital MTB Social Scoop - New Year's Eve Edition


Smell that? It's the smell of a new year.

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gordo: What New Year's Eve feels like before the landing.

iceman: "uhhhh guys, can you do it one more time, I kinda messed up the shot..." - the soon to be fired drone pilot.

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gordo: The best present you could ever be given.

iceman: Sometimes, less is more.

gordo: Peace out 2017.

iceman: The bird made it!

gordo: Freaking scooter kids always in the way.

iceman: Manual labor.

gordo: When I bite into a York Peppermint Patty...

iceman: If you’re wondering which laws of physics Vinny T is breaking here, the answer seems to be “all of them”...

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gordo: Live fast, YouTube young.

iceman: You don't get skills to pay the bills without a few spills and extra thrills...

gordo: That manual up and over the f&*k me bump should get a Shreddy for Move of the Year, if we had one...(plus Pink Floyd).

iceman: That manual into the massive Loosefest step down should get a Shreddy for Move of the Year, if we had one...

Let's hope your New Year's Eve didn't turn out like this. See ya in 2018!